👉 Push Traffic Secrets Revealed 🎇 Push Ads Trends and Predictions for 2021

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👉 Push Traffic Secrets Revealed 🎇 Push Ads Trends and Predictions for 2021
👉 Push Traffic Secrets Revealed

What @twinaxe reveals inside this massive push traffic tutorial is too valuable to be shared publicly.

Inside you’ll find:

-The exact icons he uses, what makes a good and a bad icon and why 95% of his campaigns use a total of about 30 message icons

-Good and bad main images plus examples (and why NOT using a main image at all is a great idea)

Here’s an example of a bad image – see why it’s bad inside.

-Learn why you don’t want to get salesy or advanced with the title (plus the best way to spice up titles with emojis and which ones are best)

-See 2 sneaky tricks to write descriptions without even finishing the description’s sentence

Plus you get to see @twinaxe’s exact testing methodology – which bits to test in the first, second and third steps for optimal results.

>> Go see how STM’s top dogs run push traffic, revealing this much is practically criminal <<

[SPONSORED] Push Ads Trends and Predictions for 2021

The start of the new year brings questions about the future of affiliate marketing and different ad formats, especially after the rollercoaster of 2020.

The RichAds team has put together a downloadable ebook, with gold tips and best practices from the best experts, on how to run ad campaigns in 2021.

This e-book is now available for STM members!

What's inside the e-book?

⭐ Hot tips from 7 top-experts: IamAttila, Colin Dijs, Ian Fernando, Francisco Guerreiro, KJ Rocker, Nick Lenihan, and Servando Silva

⭐ Over 50 tips on campaign launching, optimization, and scaling

⭐ Predictions for year 2021

⭐ Never-before-shared ad creatives - revealed by the experts!

Download Best Practices and Hot Predictions

RichAds is a performance ad platform with HQ push and pop traffic, powered by RichPush founders:

  • 4B+ impressions daily, 450 million push subscribers, 220 countries reach.

  • Personal expert support - insights, creatives, and whitelists provided.

  • Premium sources with the highest CR.

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Copywriting Case Studies

@marpre001 wanted to find great copywriting case studies where the authors compare good vs bad landing pages or why something works.

Find out what STMers consider must-read copywriting material.

From the likes of Ca$hvertising to invaluable links to various blogs and pieces to Gary Halbert and other legendary copywriters.

>> Go grab STM’s top copywriting choices <<

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