Profitable Newbie Hits 300% ROI in 4 Weeks with Sweeps and Pops

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Profitable Newbie Hits 300% ROI in 4 Weeks with Sweeps and Pops
Profitable Newbie Hits 300% ROIs in 4 Weeks with Sweeps and Pops

Newbie Tey’s been able to get profitable in just short 4 weeks with sweeps and pop traffic with some help from STM members and moderators.

He’s a web developer by trade who decided to take the plunge and start taking action. Considers himself an “advanced noob” as he’s a web developer by trade, and this definitely helps as he can clean up landers and sort out servers, trackers and domains with ease, but he doesn’t have ANY prior AM usual it paid off, and it’s going to keep paying off.

His follow along is super detailed and organised, go check it out right now!

SEO Expert Turns Newbie with Paid Traffic and Hits Profits

STM user “patrickpeak” is an SEO pro who decided to give paid traffic a shot. His follow along turned out to be a success with his most recent report hitting stable XX/day profits, with the usual STM mods and members guidance.

Standard procedure and, as expected, great results. Coincidence? Nope, action and STM are the answer.

See patrickpeak’s successful follow along here

STM Mod Erik Starts an Epic (and Profitable) Follow Along (80% ROI on Push Traffic)

This is how follow alongs are done by our STM veterans! It took Erik just 4 short days to get profitable, and it’s been an amazing journey. It’s true that push traffic is the new pops. Erik’s running casino, sweeps and finance offers and writing down every.single.detail!

After a little bit of optimization, adding in landers, chopping placements left and right he was able to get some of the offers profitable.

A super high quality follow along you just can’t afford to miss.

P.S. Each of Erik’s updates contain a Q&A section with priceless golden nuggets (speaking of golden nuggets, see below...)

Time for an epic follow along, clicky here…

Push traffic is the new Pops! Mr Braun drops the hammer

STM Mod Mr. Braun strikes again! This time with an extremely detailed guide on running AV offers on push traffic.

“Therefore AV - one of the best verticals in Push for me now. You can do even 1000%+ ROI with good offers and creatives!” - Mr Braun

Networks, offers, GEOs, landers, creatives, live campaigns and 11 priceless tips all packed up and ready to devour.

Go ye here!

Breaking News! Gold Found in eCommerce Follow Along

This one you’ll just have to see for yourself. An STM member drops in an eCom follow along and draws out his FB eCom testing method that got him to 5 figures a day profit...These golden nuggets appear in almost every thread you set your eyes on and they’re invaluable.

Go dig some gold

8 Tips To Increase Your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rates by iAmAttila

iAmAttila with yet another mighty thread with helpful tips and tricks to increase your store’s conversion rates. Photos, conversion copywriting, spying, graphics - it’s got all the bells and whistles.

Go check it out

You have no idea how important an FB page is for your campaigns in 2019

Things have changed again, and they’ll keep on changing. You have to adapt or die. Having an empty, meaningless, untrustworthy, 0 value page on Facebook is going to spell disaster. In this specific post, Mr Baffoe (owner of tracking software Prosper202) shares what you HAVE to do in order to stay alive on Facebook.

Check his tips here (page likes, engagement, page age, feedback score and more)

The Big Bad Bully Strikes Again - RIP Back button scripts

Mr. Google Chrome strikes again and this time it ain’t pretty. To quote (and our very own “thedudeabides” mod):

“A future version of the Google Chrome browser will clamp down on websites that engage in a little monkey business when it comes to the ‘back’ button. The firm is working on a tool that would prevent websites resisting the back button’s traditional functionality in order to prevent users from leaving the site, in a tactic Google calls “history manipulation.”

“History manipulation” - if only…

Read the rest of the bad news right here

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