([NSFA] $3 MIllion Facebook Ad

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The $3 Million Dollarydoo Facebook Ad

The $3 Million Dollarydoo Facebook Ad

For your unfortunate subscriber eyeballs, she’s censored–headline to CTA.

A gaussian blur and & googly eyes is all ye get.

Except if you’ve an STM account.

Then ye get to see all the goodies of what makes a $3 million dollah Facebook ad.

It’s deceptively simple, lemme tell ye.

And ye get to see how and why it works.

And how to apply this to yer affiliate campaigns.

Bless our senior mods for unveiling all these golden bits of info for us street affiliate plebs to learn from.

There is and there’s going to be tons more like this here gem.

And yes, yer welcome.

>> See The Uncensored Version Here <<

[Sponsored] Make $5k in 3 Weeks With Dating Offers!

Having trouble picking offers to promote? Below are 5 Gold Criteria for Picking Winning Offers (recommended by Inna Ustiuzhyna, Affiliate Manager at CPARK):

1. Offers that are simple-to-understand, where users can understand right away what they’re signing up for. Nobody likes long explanations!

2. Offers that allow lots of traffic types and platforms, preferably including free traffic.

3. Offers that will allow you to quickly get actionable data, e.g. CPL (cost-per-lead) offers with relatively low payouts.

4. Offers that are scalable, i.e. in demand and accept traffic from many geos.

5. Offers that have longevity and are stable, and will not become irrelevant anytime soon.

You know which vertical has TONS of offers that fit ALL 5 criteria? The Dating Vertical!

Why is dating a good vertical for beginners?

Dating is HUGE - with offers available in many sub-niches. Most dating offers are CPL, which means easy conversions.

We’ve seen newbies that make over $5k in a few weeks in adult dating! Here are some numbers for an actual case study:

Offer: AmourFactory Network: CPARK
Traffic source: Snapchat
Time period: 24.02 - 17.03.2022
Spend: $3954
Revenue: $9835
Profit: $5881
ROI: 150%

Interested? Sign up with CPARK now to get access to the best dating offers! (And get 10% extra bonus added to your first payout!)

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A Gift For Doing Nothing…But Expires Soonish

Psst…you there.

You with the fancy affiliate wizardries.

Yes, you.

Ye want sum free tickets?

Now that I got yer attention with that 3 million dollarydoo FB ad, and since ye couldn’t stop reading line after line, here’s the steal:

You know these two bad boys?


You see these price tags?

That’s gonna be a total of $1798 in May.

That’s many dollarydoos by my precise calculations.

But all you have to do to get ‘em fo free is…nearly nothing *.

*All ye have to do is keep reading STM until May.

P.S. This is all gone in about 20-ish days.

Better-written details by @vortex inside.

Your move, tiger.

>> Fetch Yer Ticket Details Here 'Fore It's Too Late <<

Freshly Dusted Shiny Threads From STM’s Ye Olde Archives

Stay awhile and listen…

There are lessons and wisdomries that stand the test of time.

They are eternal.

This ain’t The Zucc’s ever-changing mood and CPMs.

These are tried and true principles.

And they need not apply to newbies only, but to experienced white beards too.

Here ye go:

>> 12 Biggest Newbie Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 1) <<

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