“Not Great, Not Terrible” - Mid 40s Guy Made $6MM Revenue But His Story’s Heartbreaking

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“Not Great, Not Terrible” - Mid 40s Guy Made $6MM Revenue But His Story’s Heartbreaking
“Not Great, Not Terrible” - Mid 40s Guy Made $6MM Revenue But His Story’s Heartbreaking

It's been one hell of a journey for this guy, holy moly.

An STMer since ye-olde-internet-times 2014 he just now came out of his shiny shell and wrote us a heartbreaking thread.

Mid-40s, made $6MM revenue in the last few years.

“Figured it was about time to start networking a bit. I haven’t been active on the forum but still gain a lot of valuable info from it. I’ve been doing this thing as a lone wolf…”

Digital nomad travelling in Asia.

The definition of a lone-wolf living the dream.

“So over $6m in revenue the last few years…I know it doesn’t compare to a lot of guys here and yea I’ve done a ton of things wrong, have spent a large amount of hours chasing campaigns and haven’t built an asset, but on the other hand am thankful that I put in the work and managed to get to this point and change my life.

Probably should have been smarter and built a team but I always just enjoyed being based in Asia, traveling around and not having the responsibility of employees.”

Building assets.

Having employees.

An office?

A printer?

A stamp?

An office cat/dog?

All responsibilities.

Things you have to look after.

And think about, constantly.

Some of us prefer the freedom AM provides.

There’s nothing wrong with running campaigns, making great money and feeling free as a bird.

But here’s the kicker…

This year’s been downhill for this guy, man.

“2019 has been a real change, a very tough year, my dad passed away…that’s when everything gets put in perspective. “

Our sincerest condolences brother, from the entire STM fam.

Things really do get put in perspective when you lose a loved one.

It’s as if nothing else really matters, aye? Would you agree?

I mean, businessy stuff is completely insignificant in such cases.

Now please come and tell me there’s something wrong with being a lone wolf.

“The highs aren’t as high, but the lows are much lower.”

“For those struggling with getting started or experiencing the downs …you can do it. I’m mid 40’s and really not all that talented at this stuff. I just worked really hard and I had a hell of a lot of fun while doing it. Life events happen & the negative days aren’t easy...but things eventually turn around.”

Let’s just leave it at that.

Send some love to this STM family member

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Part 2: Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits

That was way back in January.

Let me unfold history before your greedy affiliate eyes.

Queue flickering black and white screen.

“Bossbigpaws” is not a technical person and started his follow along as a complete AM newbie.

He “magically” got to see green ROIs.

Magically committed and worked his ass off.

Magically tested 20-30 offers per week.

Magically applied common sense and reason.

Magically started tying all the dots together and seeing the big picture.

Magically received constructive criticism and guidance from STM mods.

It’s all magic!”

It seems his sorcerous ways have continued to this very day.

The mysteries surrounding his magical campaign launching ways are beyond us all.

But really, check this out:

“MY FIRST XXX/day!!! I've been trying to reach this milestone for SO LONG.”


Magically working your ass off for like, 10 months?

Any surprises here?

You might wanna check inside to see why he saw his first $XXX/day. It directly involves patience and nothing else.

Go see his entire journey

[Graphic] Watch STMers Ruthlessly Tear an Innocent Salespage Apart

Mr. Franky’s back with another one of his fantastic sales page split tests.

And we love him for it.

He’s got a salespage that treats your arthritis and is supposed to work like a charm.

Especially for chair-ridden affiliates such as ourselves.

@jack_l, @matuloo and @nickpeplow jumped in and immediately sunk their teeth into Franky’s innocent lander.

“Changes made:

  1. Added Trust Symbols

  2. New Header Image

  3. Fixed grammar etc.

  4. Increased scarcity by adding email opt in for a discount code. Followed by email sequence. Gain-logic-fear.“

“Results so far:
Spent: $78
Add to carts: 8
Purchases: 1
ROAS: 0.5”

That ROAS wasn’t looking healthy.

After a bit more feedback, Franky decided to throw in a second angle for his salespage.

We didn’t get the news yet but there’s a bit in there saying he got a conversion on the first $10 spent.

The majority of us believe his new angle is most definitely a winner.

Fingers crossed.

There are a few golden tips in there when it comes to offering discounts, juicy headlines, more angles, credibility boosters and other priceless insights, grab ‘em in the thread.

*Sniff Sniff* Sales page gold here

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