Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits

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Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits
Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits

“Bossbigpaws” is not a technical person and started his follow along as a complete AM newbie.

He “magically” got to see green ROIs.

Magically committed and worked his ass off.

Magically tested 20-30 offers per week.

Magically applied common sense and reason.

Magically started tying all the dots together and seeing the big picture.

Magically received constructive criticism and guidance from STM mods.

It’s all magic!

(For the unaware, that’s all sarcasm above. As it has been proven countless times on STM, it just takes action and hard work to get AM to work)

Go see how people magically make money in AM

Oh look! Another profitable newbie - you think this is magic too?

Or coincidence?


It’s hard work, commitment and action.

This guy followed Amy’s brilliant 40-day tutorial (which is being updated for 2019 as we speak).

And he found success.

Notice a trend here?

Almost every single newsletter we’ve got newbies hitting profits thanks to STM.

You connect the rest of the dots.

Hard work pays off, see for yourself

What the hell happened to Native ads in 2018?

Do you know the nitty-gritty details?

Do you know what worked and what’s going to keep working in native?

Or how about the new trends?

There’s a comprehensive native ads report put together by the guys over at called “Native Advertising 2018 - The Year in Review” which they released on STM for free.

These guys know what they’re talking about.

Better go check the report

Superaffiliate starts a native follow along

One of the top STM guns, the veteran superaffiliate “thedudeabides” (Kelly Sheffield) just started a new native follow along on Voluum DSP.

The idea is he’d teach you how to reach profits as he goes along.

The goal is to hit $1000/day - which, by his words, is very doable and quick. The short-term goal is to hit those numbers with multi-GEO ecom offers.

The long-term goal is to hit 5-figures a day with the same products on other big native traffic sources - Taboola & Outbrain.

Oh...and he’s already profitable. Took him 10 days:

Go see Kelly’s progress and learn from the big boys

Time Sensitive: Want Chrome Push Subscribers from 200 million clicks/day?

STM founder and super-mega-affiliate MrGreen just dropped this.

There’s a limited window of opportunity if you want to build up your Chrome push subscriber database.

It literally takes a few minutes to setup and tap into 200 million daily clicks.

“That traffic is converting like crazy on push subscriber campaigns.” - MrGreen

It’s dead simple to setup.

But there’s not much time left.

Learn how here

(Straight) From the Horse's Mouth - Google’s Priceless UX Cheatsheet

MrGreen strikes again with an amazing share from Google.

This is a comprehensive UX cheatsheet showing you how to do things right if you want your lead gen opt-ins to only go up.

Get the UX cheatsheet here

The End Times are near for free trial offers - Mastercard drops the hammer

Bad news ahead.

Mastercard will stop free trials from automatically billing you once they’re over.

Does this spell disaster for free trials and how big is the hit going to be?

There’s some speculation going on in this thread and you may want to keep an eye on it.

There’s also a huge discussion on social media too.

STM Mod Matuloo also shared a simple but ingenious solution to the Mastercard problem.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

End the end times here

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