Newbie Reaches XX/Day Profits

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Newbie Reaches XX/Day Profits
Newbie Reaches XX/Day Profits

Member burster has achieved his first xx/day in profits by the end of the 40-day tutorial - all the best on reaching xxx/day very soon!

STM Membership Deal for Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday has come and gone - but it's still NOT too late to join STM on 25% off the first month! Use coupon code: STMCYBERWK

Good Tips on Lead Gen Sweepstakes Offers

Includes some very good tips on lead gen sweeps offers: List of big lead gen sweeps advertisers, list of big affiliate networks that focus on these offers, pros and cons of working with a network vs. going direct with the advertiser, how these leads are monetized, and more!

How to Create Custom Audiences Based on Specific Event in Manychat

Another great post by iAmAttila, this time a step-by-step guide with lots of screenshots! "ManyChat is awesome, I love it because the open rate of a messege is 80% most of the time, and it's a great way to market to a highly engaged audience. To lower your acquisition costs you can use custom audiences and then generate a lookalike based on the criteria that resembles your best customers."

Tech News Weekly - Nov. 23rd

In this week's issue: Why do ads work in spite of being ignored by most; a company that went from $0 to $100 million acquisition in 2.5 years; an example of a micro-startup that only took 10 hours to create; and more!

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