Newbie Living the Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

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Newbie Living the Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle
Newbie Living the Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

You may have come across STM member wakeboarder's popular follow-alongs! He has just quit his job to focus 100% on running affiliate campaigns, and is currently on a wakeboarding holiday to celebrate his new-found freedom. "I think I'm having the time of my life right now. I'm in one of the best wakepark and writing an update about my lastest AM milestones. Awesome!"

Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech Worlds - 28th Sept.

A hilarious bad lip reading of Zuckerberg; google unbans crypto ads; lessons on how to avoid your startup from failing; an FB chatbot that gives you tips on financial management; and more! This weekly curated-news publication is quickly gaining popularity on STM - have you read this week's installment yet?

How to Structure Your Google Ads/Adwords Campaign for Success

iAmAttila reveals how he and his team sets up adwords campaign to increase their ROI. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions are provided.

Lookalike Audience (LALA) - What LALA You Should Create Part 1

Be sure to read this post to the end - there are some very creative and little-known methods of creating lookalike audiences in there. Member cassshy has been posting great content like a fiend, and this post is just one of them!

How to Use FB Ads to Promote Flight Claims

"Anyone can be affected by a flight delay at any time, so we've found that lookalike audiences don't really help. What we've found is that xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx are those most likely to have successful claims. So we've had success targeting people who have liked or expressed an interest in the xxxxxx xx airlines." Find out what's hiding behind the x's by reading the original post!

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