🤗 Newb-hugging Ecom Offers

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🤗 Newb-hugging Ecom Offers
Grab Yer Newb-Friendly Ecom Offers

Happy midweek ye greedy affiliate thundercats.

STMer @martinbe's been on fire lately, showering ze forums with questions -- and we've been loving it.

How we wish all our shy snowflakes would come out of the shadows like this man.

Anywhomz, back to the thread.

Newbie-friendly ecommerce offers and networks.

Includes some classic networks, some not so classic, a suggested thread by a legend, and the expert in question chimes in again inside this very thread in question.

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[SPONSORED] Grab Yours: Proven Offers That Survive Rigorous Testing

Stop wasting time testing hundreds of offers that don't convert, to find one that does!

We save you time and money by testing ALL our offers in-house first! If we can't make it work profitably, we won't let you run it. (In fact, you won't even know it ever existed.)

We've tested tons of offers for Finance Leadgen in the US, to cherry-pick the best performers, and serve them to you on a silver platter.

Set up high-converting campaigns today, in exciting verticals including Auto Loans, Insurance, Medicare, Personal Financing and more.

Want to start building a successful business, with evergreen offers that don't burn out easily? We can help make it happen.

Register with us and get access to top offers, our in-house platform and your own dedicated account manager who will help you find the best offers for your traffic.

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Lazy Neo Dreams Big: His Own DSP

When The Chosen One dreams he doesn't dream of a conversion or two.

Nay, he dreams big.

He wants his own DSP.

Thinking "Hey, why don't you become your own DSP instead of creating campaigns on dozens of platforms?", and here we are.

Here be the primary whys:

  1. Direct access to traffic unavailable elsewhere. More volume, more exclusive inventory.

  2. Goodbye middleman. Or, you become the middleman and take dem easy rates.

  3. Efficiency. Launch campaigns everywhere under one dashboard.

  4. Goodbye campaign approval times. You approve yer own campaigns?

  5. Sounds pretty cool.

The real question is -- would it be that easy?

>> You go and see what STMers have to say about this <<

[INTERVIEW] One Papa Whale vs One Legend

The Legend Himself (@matuloo) got interviewed not long ago.

Not only did he get interviewed, but he got interviewed by Papa Whale @ Crakrevenue.

Oh and he's being modest again, just see here:

"I dont really like to give interviews to be honest, because of several reasons. First of all, I don't feel like I'm any special. Yes, I found some success online and yes I have some experience with this "affiliate" stuff, but still... there are many people out there who are way more skilled or qualified than I'm.

And most importantly, the questions in the interviews are almost always the same, more or less... what works in AM now, what will work for the future, what advice would you give to someone just starting out etc... It feels like repeating the same shit over and over."

The best part of this interview is that ye get to learn more about The Legend himself.

Kudos, Papa Whale, for doing a not-so-standard interview.

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CloudFlare Caching Spells by STM Tech Wizard

When a tech wizard like our resident @jeremie tells ye to add these CloudFlare cache add these cache tips.

CloudFlare does not cache URLs that do not end with an extension. E.g. /something/

2 steps and ye get this:

The hows are inside.


teleports away

>> Casts Link Here <<

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