ūü§™ New TikTok Aff Craze?

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ūü§™  New TikTok Aff Craze?
2 Gen-Z Kids vs TikTok

"We're going to master Tiktok ads or die trying."

Yours truly said TikTok's gonna be the next big affiliate traffic source. And just when Scotty G's pioneering follow-along broke through, this happened:

2 Gen-Z young'uns just popped open a follow-along, inspired by Big Scotty G himself.

They plan on storming TikTok and making it work...or they'll die trying.

In 2016 they dropped out of college to start a fake eyelash brand.

In 2017 they jumped on the dropshipping bandwagon and made it work (see $30k screenshot above)

They then did Amazon FBA with some success and tackled nutra on FB via Clickbank but the account game proved to be too much.

Now? See for yerself:

"Me and Chris fell into a rut for a bit.

Couple weeks went by and we realized we were being p@#$%!s.

Got right back to figuring out a game plan.

We liked the concept of affiliate marketing since we didn't like handling all the back end work for an ecommerce store from our lash brand.

Tiktok had an ads platform and we understood how to make creatives and why the good ones did well. Sounds like the best of both worlds?

That about sums up our experience. No more "shiny object syndrome" and no more running away when it gets tough."

The TikTok Revolution hath beginneth.

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Legendary Native Expert @jack_l Joins in on the Degen TikTokery Craze

@jack_l just went toe-dipping into TikTok waters too.

The culprit? Scotty G of course.

To quote jack:

"After @ScottyG penned the most inspiring follow-along in history though, how can one not be drawn to TikTok?"

"I am sure my journey into the bowels of this degenerate-zoomer-labyrinth/new traffic source will be less dramatic than Scott's, but in my opinion follow-along's are the best way to learn any new traffic source"

Here's another interesting quote from Jack:

"Again though, thanks to Scott we know that affiliate stuff can work, and actually I can see how the platform would be amazing for stuff like refi and home improvement lead-gen if you have the right creatives."

Meanwhile, Scotty G shows up in Jack's thread and drops this:

"Refi, home improvement, solar all do very well. I've been throwing up 10k revenue a day in lead gen alone lately."

Is your curiosity tingling?

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