Monetizer Just Made It Easier For Newbies To Make Money

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Monetizer Just Made It Easier For Newbies To Make Money
Monetizer Just Made It Easier For Newbies To Make Money

Log into this STM post to see a green-ROI screenshot! This is an arbitrager's gold mine! Monetizer (aka Afflow) has recently implemented an Offer Marketplace, where users can now cherry-pick individual offers to send traffic to! In a glimpse, you are able to view the 25 offers generating the most revenue on the entire platform. Listed next to each offer is data such as EPC, conversion rate, and even how much revenue it has done today. If you haven't run Monetizer/afflow for a while, definitely consider giving it another test!

The STM Nightlife Schedule for AWA ... Wanna Join Us?

If you love to party, get a copy of this list of official AWA parties! Also in this post is a link to a secret document of UNOFFICIAL parties! You absolutely NEED to get your hands on these lists if you're coming to AWA!

What Does Getting to XXX/Day Look Like?

Member bossbigpaws wants to see some scenarios of what is required to reach 3-figures/day in profits. Tips from matuloo, mrbraun, and vortex can practically be rewritten into a small guide. XXX/day will feel so much more attainable after you've read this thread.

Overall About Push Notifications

Member ptgtate has kindly started this thread to share some tips on running push traffic, and a number of other industry experts have followed suit. Some of what you'll find in this thread are: Traffic source recommendations, vertical suggestions, tips on creatives and copy, tips on bidding, and more!

Weekly Tech News Nov 8th: Google Banning YOUR Ads, FB with a New Ad Format...

Another great issue from matuloo: Google blocks "abusive" ads; new Facebook ad format that allows a much-bigger image to sell your product; why using paid ads to get your first customers is probably wrong; and more!

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