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Green Sweeps Below

Speaking of ECO things, we’ve got plenty of green inside babeh.

Here’s @anthonyh, an affiliate nooblet:

“I have a camp in the green that's been running on and off for a while now. Hopefully you guys don't hate me for this, but it's been running since the day I felt like giving up.”

And here are his stats:

Basically, inside this follow-along ye’ll find many a nugget.

For one, ye have the 2 bidding strategies that seem to be the catalyst behind successful campaigns (one’s around the topic of scaling BACK…).

For two, ye have Lazy Neo himself and @vortex and @many_other_stm_legends practically coaching this here man and throwing priceless nuggets left and right.

For three, ye’ll have to go inside.

**>> Give Yer Thanks Here <<

[SPONSORED][New] How to Target Best-Converting Audiences

Being able to target visitors by QUALITY and ACTIVITY is every affiliate’s dream.

The bad news: You can’t do that on most ad platforms.

The good news: You can now do that on HilltopAds!

🔥 How Will Traffic Segmentation Help Your Campaigns?

First, HilltopAds will eliminate all the bot/fake traffic.

Then, it will distribute the rest into 3 segments:

  • The HIGH ACTIVITY segment contains the highest-quality traffic that will give you the best conversion rates! Your ad will be shown to an active audience that won’t waste your budget.

The best part? If a traffic source experiences a drop in quality, it is AUTOMATICALLY excluded from your campaign! Without you lifting a finger!

  • The MEDIUM ACTIVITY segment contains users who have average quality and activity scores. This segment is perfect for scaling your campaign. (Some optimization may be required via blacklisting/whitelisting.)

  • The LOW ACTIVITY segment contains users who are the least likely to convert, but are not bots. This will give you the maximum number of impressions at the lowest price.

Segmentation is already available for Popunder (mobile and desktop) and Video ads.

🔥 Free Bonuses!

Exclusive for STM readers, HilltopAds is offering these BONUSES for your first HIGH activity traffic test!

Deposit $100 and get $10 - STM1

Deposit $500 and get $70 - STM7

Deposit $1000 or more and get $150 - STMHTP

>> Join HilltopAds to Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates! <<

Django Unchained – @larsometer Begins A Scary New Journey

@larsometer seems attached to gasp – data science articles.

So much so that a soft voice speaks in his head:

“I want to create something like this, I want it so badly.”

What does data science, @larsometer, you and me have to do with STM?


Lemme explain quick.

“I want to create a Django application to make my life and hopefully that of many others a bit easier. First step will be to have analytics for TC IVR. Basically it will be a tool that helps to find the right GEOs and the best timing for running IVR camps.”

Yes–IVR camps.

There are charts and graphs, and bits of code inside, too:

There are STM code wizards lurking about chiming in, too.

Django is a big & scary framework, will @larsometer be able to pull this off?

**>> Keep An Eye Ball Out <<

African Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back

“Love is something so special, a feeling that gives us great joy, fulfillment and happiness. It it something that we want to last forever, keeping you in a blissful state. “


  • “Why am I always fighting with my partner?
  • Why are men or women always avoiding me?
  • Why does my partner cheat on me?
  • Why don’t my relationships last?”

You’re thinking, wtf am I even looking at?

Dating advice on STM?

Native headlines?

Let me fix your problem now just within 48hours

  • Keep A Lover Faithful
  • Get Your Ex Back
  • Get Someone to Love You
  • Heal Your Relationship
  • Get Back to the Way You Were
  • Stop A Break Up
  • tons more in there

Mystery spells that get yer campaigns to 6000% ROI?

Thread of the year?

>> Ye’ll Have to See For Yerself <<

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