👍 Little-Known Traffic Source Gets 2 Thumbs Up

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Little-Known Traffic Source Gets 2 Thumbs Up

How’d ye like my red borders?

I know, but yer gonna love this:

Trafficsource Review: 💎 Hidden Push Gem 💎 gets green numbers.

It’s fresh.

It’s new.

And you should sink your teefies in deep.

Lazy Neo’s signature Trafficsource Reviews have added yet another gem to the treasure chest.

Here’s your appetizer:

And here be the holy numbers, this bad boy converts.

Out of 8 (9) total campaigns, two winners:

Campaign 7 conversions: 156

Campaign 7 Cost: $60.49

Campaign 7 revenue: $93.53

Campaign 7 profit: $33.04

Campaign 8 conversions: 569

Campaign 8 Cost: $223.27

Campaign 8 revenue: $287.16

Campaign 8 profit: $63.89

Total results

Total cost: $333.37

Total revenue: $427.67

Total profit: $94.3

This has been tested with funnels and offers that convert, are stable and have had a metric ton of data.

@twinaxe’s final verdict?

Thumbs up.

The juicy details are inside, as per usual.

Yer welcome.

P.S. Thank @larsometer for securing an STM discount code when you deposit your first 100 USD - STMOCT10

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PiPiAds TikTok Spy Tool - An STM Review

TikTok’s hawt, in case ye haven’t noticed.

And there’s a serious spy tool draught.

There’s one making rounds but is it any good?

Well, PiPiAds, are you worth the $155/month price tag?

Go see what legendary @matuloo has to say about this.

“TikTok has been growing in popularity like mad, so I decided to give it a try as well. And since I like to make my life easier, I started to look for a good TikTok Ads spytool.

I did some research and one tool seemed to stand out by far, most of the bloggers and reviewers would claim that PiPiAds (strange name, isn't it?) should be the best one.”

Plus, another legendary STM founder, @bbrock32, seems to be back – you could say things are getting interesting.

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The Eternal Tracker Battle Royale

Should you Voluum?

Should you FunnelFlux?

Should you Binom?

Should you Redtrack?

Eternal affiliate questions.

Answered for the umpteenth time by legendary affiliates.

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Ends 27.04.2022 – Literally Last Chance To Snag Yer Tickets

Unless ye’ve been living under a rock, allow me to refresh yer memories by copy-pasting this here bit by @vortex:

“We're offering all STM affiliate members FREE tickets to the Ad World AND Ecom World conferences in May!

That's a total value of $1798 for free *, just for being an elite STM member!”


And yes, to both questions you’re thinking.

Here’s when they happen:

Ad World (May 2nd-3rd, 2022) -

Ecom World (May 4th-6th, 2022) -

Look at dem price tags.

Now look at the word ‘free’ just above.

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