🐺Lazy Neo's Hunting Grounds: $7.1k Revenue Direct Linking 📚Grab Free eBooks + Bonus Traffic from RichAds

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🐺Lazy Neo's Hunting Grounds: $7.1k Revenue Direct Linking 📚Grab Free eBooks + Bonus Traffic from RichAds
🐺Lazy Neo's Hunting Grounds: $7.1k Revenue Direct Linking

With bathed breath Lazy Neo hunts and provides for his STM nooblets.

Where else are ye gonna get a fresh campaign served on a silver platter?

Screenshots, dessert, profits and all?

Live campaign too (not some long-forgotten, dust-covered offers and traffic sources).

As in, having been live right now:

Total Spent: $4,873.05

Total Revenue: $7,116.30

Total Profit: $2,243.25

Lazy Neo’s ways reach far and wide.

Beyond his own comfy trackers and his reclining chair.

His hunting grounds are at least a TV remote control away.

A tab or two plus Telegram, Facebook groups among other places.

Just for you, STM nooblets.

“I am basically 24/7 scouting for new offer opportunities for my STM beginner homies.“

‘Tis a campaign guide of massive proportions.

Why ‘campaign guide’ and not ‘case study’ ye ask?

Well, go ask @jaybot. It’s his fault. (Details in thread)

Anyways, here’s the kicker:

Mr Twinaxe is direct linking.

There ain’t no scary lander-monsters with sharp teeth.

Also, the network he sniffed out is one you’ve never heard of guaranteed.

But it turns out their offers are legit nice – Neo tests everything.

What’s even more interesting is how these offers first emerged on Neo’s green-letter screens in the first place.

Offer flow? Click2SMS

GEOs? Tier ¾ (traffic on the cheapo)

The bestest part?

Lazy Neo’s secret ways unveil juicy creatives to snag for push traffic.

Oh, and you’re handed over the exact Matrix-level optimization secrets he Himself uses.

But nay, that’s not even close to the bestest part.


The juiciest part is 3 super-short sentences in Neo’s innocent, puppy-eyed final “Bonus Tip” section.

Those $7.1k can get another zero added, easily, even two – 70k, or 700k, thanks to said 3 short sentences.

Yer welcome.

>> Pay special attention to the Bonus Tip section, it be where the X marks the spot, go get ‘em, tiger <<

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Google ‘Privacy Sandbox’ Project = Death of AM – For Sure This Time Uh-Huh

Here’s yer first-row seat to observe affiliate marketing’s violent demise.

Yet again.

This time, thanks to Uncle Google’s “Privacy Sandbox”.

Mid-yawn and lazily refreshing yer stats, glancing at your 9th screen, nonchalantly you ask – ”wot’s dis?”

“First, Google Chrome will no longer support third-party cookies from 2022 and as a result, 3rd party cookies will die.”

“Specifically, its plan for a new, open-source, privacy-first web standard called “Privacy Sandbox” where all user information remains in the browser and limited, anonymised data can only be obtained via API while websites adhere to a “Privacy Budget”. Exceed your privacy budget and your site won't work!“

Oh no, what are we possibly going to do?

(that’s sarcasm, Snufflepuff)

Google – As we’re removing the ability to do cross-site tracking with cookies, we need to ensure that developers take the well-lit path of the new functionality rather than attempt to track users through some other means.

The “_scary_”, NSFW bits:

No more redirect-based tracking.

No targeting/optimising for individual users. No more cookies-based conversion metrics

No more Frequency capping

No more retargeting

Is it the end of affiliate marketing as we know it, again?

>> Or is there a deeper and sinister market-dominating premise where affiliates are simply future collateral damage? Go ye here and find out. <<

Is STM The Best Affiliate News Source?

Does Cardi b look like a “Minecraft zombie in chainmail armour”?

Does the Zucc sip your ad accounts for breakfast?

Is water wet?

Is STM the “best affiliate news source”?

Point being_, Legendary @matuloo needs yer help like right now_.

There’s an affiliate awards contest on some site somewhere out there on the wild web.

STM’s already #1.

But that ain’t good enough, son.

We want the #1 spot with the highest possible margin.

So go vote.

>> Go ye here, place yer votes for STM and Yours Truly may or may not give you a mysterious reward <<

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