🕶️ Lazy Neo Builds His POD Empire 🥇 THE Affiliate Contest of the Year

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🕶️ Lazy Neo Builds His POD Empire 🥇 THE Affiliate Contest of the Year
🕶️ Lazy Neo Builds His POD Empire

Name me a better way to spend yer day than watching an STM master like Lazy Neo build his POD empire?

This being his first eCom follow along things are bound to get interesting.

“But what is he doing?” Ye ask.


Merch by Amazon

Why is he doing it?

Because he wants to teach you his lazy ways and show you there’s a world outside of pushing products CPA style.

Why POD?

Because you can turn this into an (almost) completely passive biz. Don’t believe me? Go sub here and we’ll talk again.

But why Merch by Amazon? Why not something else, like TeeSpring?

Well...because The Chosen One, as per usual, has _an edge_.

Go see for yerself... he’s got_ friends in high places_, my friend.

>> Go see now <<

[SPONSORED] THE Affiliate Contest of the Year

Are you a high-profile affiliate with a distinct lack of Porsches in your garage?

Starting out in the industry and still don’t have a spare iPhone or PS5?

Maybe you are a mid-level player who wouldn’t mind flashing a new Rolex at a conference, but doesn’t feel like cutting into profits to get one?

Test your limits and get what you deserve in ClickDealer Nitro!

From January 18th to July 18th, running offers with ClickDealer gets you something more than positive ROI. Each revenue milestone gives you an opportunity to redeem prizes or take a shot in the raffle for a brand new Porsche Taycan 4S!

Any and all of ClickDealer’s 13000+ offers count towards your progress in the contest. There are lots of exclusives and specialized offers in niche geos to explore and blow up, so it’s an absolute free-for-all, regardless of the verticals you prefer to run.

Check out the full list of perks running with ClickDealer gets you.

Here’s the catch: The amount of prizes in ClickDealer Nitro is limited. After all, it wouldn’t be a race if it wasn’t. It’s not only about how much you can scale, but how quickly you can get there.

Ready to benchmark your performance in the affiliate race of a lifetime?

Join ClickDealer Nitro, shift into high gear and take off!

The Twisted Method

Mighty @iAmAttila strikes again.

Everyone knows FB’s trigger happy about anything even remotely smelling of an affiliate link.

You just can’t run the same juicy stuff that you do on native or push.

But what if you could do it all completely white hat?

What if you could freely (and easily) push whichever offers ye please, completely white-hat?

Then re-push and re-push and re-push whatever other offers ye please.

Don’t believe me?

Then you bring your lead-gen ass.

And I’ll bring the link.

And you start rolling dem sleeves up.

>> Go see The Twisted Method <<

What was your "1 thing" to make you realize AM was the real deal?

Legendary @matuloo asks – what was your “moment of truth” when you realized AM’s a big deal?

This hugely popular thread sparked epic discussions.

@matuloo says everyone hops in with a ton of doubt.

And you’d be surprised at what his very own eye-opener was.

What this eye-opener did was it was the catalyst – and his 1st profitable campaign closed the circle.

“and made me an AM addict.” - @matuloo

You then see a reply from @iAmAttila.

@jack_l jumped in with a striking quote by Alex Becker – "Play your life like your body and monkey mind are a character in a video game and the real you is the controller". Coupled with interesting lessons.

Plus, have you ever wondered how "Chronicles of Narnia" would make a few thousand euro within a few hours, and keep on raking in up to 8k EUR for Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe? Go hear his story.

>> STM Gold inside, go here ASAP <<

Bookworms United – See STM’s Favourite Reads

Yours truly read a shitton of books last year and does not want to ever look at anything remotely resembling letters for quite some time.

I have thrown many dollarydoos on Bezzy’s lap to refill my Kindle.

You get to cherry pick from these Top 10 cherry picked books here.

Furthermore, turns out that there are many, many bookworms on STM.

What began as a simple bragging post, now turned into a book-movement, if ye may.

@jeremie’s doing the same thing and is about to read a shitton of books this year too – 52.

Fifty-two books.

A book a week.

Plus you get to see @plutus’ list too (like many others, he has an affinity towards the real deal...paypuh baby):

>> Go here ye bookworks <<

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