INFOGRAPHIC: Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates 2016

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INFOGRAPHIC: Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates 2016

"Native" is the hottest buzzword in the industry right now! It's easy to see why. The volume is mega, the CTRs are mighty and the ROIs match those of the early days of Facebook Ads.

Here is a beautiful infographic from STM to help you get onboard the Native Ads express!


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  1. Keep refreshing images. Most Native networks give a lot of weight to fresh content. Ads is best to be refreshed every 3-4 days

  2. Always separate campaigns. Split mobile, web and tablet.

  3. Account history ( CTR and eCPM ) matters.

  4. Popular Native ad networks for affiliates are: Outbrain, Taboola, Mgid, RevContent, Content.Ad, Go2Mobi, Avazu mDSP.

  5. INTL targeting buys traffic cheaper than single country targetting. This is true for at least RevContent, MGID and .

  6. High payout offers work best (north of $20) in tier 1 geos - US, CA, AU, UK. Typically these have been CPL/CPS type offers

  7. An optimal number of creatives is around the 10-12 testing 2-3 different style angles.

  8. The use of a eye-catching 'newsy' style creatives paired with an advertorial landing page has shown success for multiple verticals.

  9. Spy for free. Adplexity Native Spy Tool.

  10. Your spend is throttled by your account balance. So make sure you have keep your account funded.

  11. Use this cheat sheet to create high CTR headlines. (thanks to STMer hephaestus)

  12. Negotiate lower floor CPCs. If you are running volume, you have the ability to negotiate lower floor CPCs. (thanks to STMer hephaestus)

  13. Keep an eye on publisher ID's that have a very high (this could be bot traffic) or low CTR on your landers. The difference in quality between some placements are huge. (thanks to STMer deondup)

  14. Get Native network tracking tokens here (thanks to STMer mitesh muley)

  15. Taboola may limit how many ads they will approve every week. Ask for more 'providers' and create more websites. Then you can get up to 50 approved per week. (thanks to STMer hephaestus)

P.S. Don't miss out on the mega Native Ads follow along contest on the forums.

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