How to Increase Conversion Rate by 400% by Enabling HTTPS

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How to Increase Conversion Rate by 400% by Enabling HTTPS
How to Enable SSL/HTTPS for Your Campaigns with VOLUUM has revealed that HTTPS links convert 4 TIMES BETTER than HTTP links! Moderator matuloo provides a step-by-step on how you can take advantage of this secret intel if you're using Voluum.

2 Dead Simple Ways How to Setup SSL/HTTPS for FREE with CloudFlare/ServerPilot

Following matuloo's post above, moderator erikgyepes made this post to show 2 ways you can use to get an SSL certificate for your domain - and at least one of them is free!

Winning Concepts in Ecommerce

Moderator pekadis, our in-house ecommerce expert, details 5 ecommerce concepts that have contributed to his success.

Book Summary: Ecommerce Evolved by Tanner Larsson

Moderator vortex has taken one of the best ecommerce books ever written, and summarized the first part into a series of 5 posts! Implement these practical tips and tricks on how to set up and promote your ecommerce store today, and watch your profits soar!

Wanted: Business Development Manager for Appmeditation

Leading-edge in-app monetization powerhouse Appmediation are looking for a Business Development Manager in either Barcelona or their Tallinn office. Appmediation is driven by constant innovation that is made possible through cutting-edge technology and brilliant people who make it all happen. They're a fun close-knit team and are looking for someone passionate to join their sales team.

Wanted: Advertiser Manager at Adcash

Want to represent one of the industry leaders? Adcash are looking to hire a Advertiser Manager in Barcelona. The role's daily goal is to approach new potential advertisers and agencies accounts using all the company's tools at your disposal. This is how you'll really get to network and increase your clout and connections in the affiliate industry.

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