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The Affiliate Success Mindset Course – Part 1

What’s the one thing keeping some people this close from their first profitable campaign?

Their second profitable campaign?


They inch closer and closer.

Yet never get there.

Some do.

Most do not.

Why is that?

Let me flash these at yer neurons and you tell me:

I'll do this later

I always do things later

I postpone having things done

I have to be perfect

Ring any bells?


It’s mindset.

Lemme remind you–our very own @vortex just posted this, go watch it:

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Affiliate Marketing’s Mortal Enemy

See that image up there?

That’s what happens when ye ask legal to review yer copy.

Allow me to lazily copy-paste this.

“Even Oceanspray knows our pain. Legal, the bane of marketing.”

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The Sweet Smell of Your First Conversion

Grab some tissues for your manly tears.

After a great struggle this nooblet just got his first conversion.

“So I've been following the 40 days tutorial and had some problems…

But I had no luck. ZERO Conversons. Everytime.”

He then got a hold of a list of best-converting offers.

And guess what?

“Drove traffic to one in Indonesia and Boom one conversion in minutes! Feels great and my campaign is no only -32% so it's looking not too bad! Thanks to @vortex for the great tutorials.”

Wipes manly tear

👉👉👉 Go Direct Your Cursor To The Thanks Button

CHEATSHEET: DO's and DONT's of Push Traffic

Old-ish but gold.

This is still the de-facto push traffic cheatsheet.

I’d tattoo these beauties on yer massive affiliate biceps.

“We have this nice tradition here on STM to sum up the DO's and DON'Ts of different traffic types.

I think it's time to sum up these also for PUSH, which happen to be the new favorite traffic source of 2019 already!

Leet's get straight into it!”

Bless The Erik.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Do’s & Don’ts Are Here

Your Weekly Dose of Follow-Alongs

This week’s flavour of follow alongs include:

1. @jjlundy 40-Day Follow Along

A full-time software engineer with a $XX,XXX/year ecom biz. Recent college grad.

Now about to tackle the great affiliate sea.

2. Fresh affiliate meat, coming in hot from Barcelona.

I’ll let the master speak for himself, needs not he any salescopy:

“I’m a direct response copywriter and today’s my first day as an affiliate.”

“Landed back in Manchester this morning and signed up to STM straightaway. 100%, immersing myself in AWE Barca was a watershed moment for me. I feel like I found my people.”

Indeed ye have.

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