How to Make Profitable Push Notification Traffic Campaigns

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How to Make Profitable Push Notification Traffic Campaigns
How to Make Profitable Push Notification Traffic Campaigns

Been thinking about testing PUSH traffic? Look no further - STM Moderator Matuloo has just posted a detailed case study on a profitable campaign he ran on MEGAPU.SH. This case study is practically a mini-tutorial, as everything is revealed.

Follow Along: Amy's 40 Day Guide Follow Along (with Binom)

Created by the legendary Greg Morrison from OMG (OneManGang), one of the most highly-regarded experts in the SEO industry now learning about paid traffic on STM, this follow-along is shaping up to become one of the most-popular threads on STM this year! With 70+ posts and 1600+ views already received in less than 2 weeks, it is one of the most-detailed follow-alongs ever. This thread has inspired several other members to start follow-alongs as well. If you're a newbie in paid traffic (pop traffic especially), you'll definitely want to check out this thread!

Fraud Report from the Advertiser

Ever been accused of sending fraudulent leads by an affiliate network or advertiser? Member rajivwalia is faced with this unfortunate situation. However, with the help of the STM community, rajivwalia is taking measures to block potentially-fraudulent traffic, in order to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future. Way to turn a negative situation into a positive one!

Why 1000s of Affs are Flying to Bangkok this December

Still sitting on the fence about attending the Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok this December? Reading up on other members' experiences may just help you decide.

Sweeps & Facebook = €$€

Another follow-along with good tips on how to generate profits using the sweeps+facebook model. Member henrik is generating some green already - looking forward to seeing bigger and bigger profits!

Weekly News Oct, 18th : Trump Killing Drop-shipping, Google to License Android...

In this week's tech newsletter curated by matuloo: Trump further discourages Chinese imports by possibly killing a 144 year-old postal treaty; Google finds new income stream; 10 lessons you can learn from Marketo when planning a multi-million/billion dollar exit; and more! (P.S.: If you're in the ecom business of selling Chinese goods to Americans, read further down the thread to find some gold tips from vortex on how to get around Trump's wrath!)

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