How to Get 4-Figure Daily Washingtons With Clicky-Baity But Valuable Content

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How to Get 4-Figure Daily Washingtons With Clicky-Baity But Valuable Content
How to Get 4-Figure Daily Washingtons With Clicky-Baity But Valuable Content

Listen, The Zucc has never been happy about clicky-baity articles.

At all.

You don’t see any more “This Is Why You Shouldn't Try To Outrun A Bear“ in your precious newsfeed do you? No sir - Zucc angry, Zucc enables counter-attack.

In fact, he put such a hard slap on those things that they flew out of their flip-flops Bugs Bunny style.

It was a massacre.

But a few adapted and survived.

And they’re even thriving right now.

STM member Todor shows us all how to adapt, survive and put a lot of that moolah in our back pockets - 4 figures of it, daily. Even more if you’ve got big cohones, like 5 figures.

Running valuable yet clicky-baity things on FB without getting Zucc-slapped out of your flip-flops and getting high CTRs and low CPCs is super tricky.

It’s a very thin line and you need to be more agile than a cat getting jump-scared by a cucumber because The Zucc is always behind you, gently rubbing your shoulders and staring at your newsfeed.

That’s where Todor comes in. His thread is a detailed, marvelous gem showing you how it’s all done.

How to avoid all the traps and how to profit greatly.

All while running whitehat via a specific platform revealed in the post.

You basically only have to send traffic to your clicky-baity site and collect money, in a nutshell.

And the best part is you don’t have to even make the site - that platform provides everything for you.

No need to worry about fulfilment, products. Can scale worldwide and it’s all whitehat.

Affiliates are resilient creatures and they know how to survive in this harsh world of regulations.

As usual, the meat, the gem is in here

Imagine Jeff Bezos Leaning in and Handing You 6 Figures in a Briefcase Every Month

Have you heard of Zack Franklin?

If you haven’t, shame on you.

Zack Franklin is an 8-figure Amazon seller and the secret weapon of the Chinese e-commerce giants.

He is THE Amazon expert. THE expert. Look here:

He knows what the Amazon algo’s going to do before it knows.

He knows what to sell and how to sell more of it than anybody else.

He was rated one of the top 3 speakers at Affiliate World Bangkok.

And this time we’ve got a 30-minute walkthrough on how to make your own 6-figure amazon store from scratch.

Quoting the thread below:

“1) Compares Amazon Vs Dropshipping (this is December 2018 remember, still decently fresh take on DS)

2) Why the product is EVERYTHING (his specific criteria)

3) Compliance Check (buy 5-6 of your competitors items and review)

4) Swipe competitors suppliers (shocking)

5) Why Amazon should be approached as a Search Engine

6) Selling your competitors products for Data (not what you think) “

And more.

Juicy details right here

The Wolf’s Alpha Brain Is The Closest Thing to Programmatic Media Buying With a Pulse

Maor Benaim (STM: @maorbn), is one of STM’s newest editions.

Some know him as “The Wolf” – this guy is the real deal.

Runs: Affiliate, Agency, Ecom, Lead Gen – he does it all, at volume. BH/WH, definitely tangos with each.

Verticals: Fintech, Retail, Auto, Insurance, Politics, Fitness, Crypto, Diet, Nutra, Education, Adult, Gaming, Lottery…

This STM thread is an overview of his AWA18 presentation on his cheat sheet to:


I’ll just leave this quote below and let you get to it:

Most of the guys that you know, don’t have the opportunity that you have right now. Please don’t waste it.” – Maor Benaim.

Follow The Wolf’s Path Here

“Advanced noob” (Web Developer) Turns Into a Blooming AM - $100/day+ in a Few Months

Tey’s been through a rough patch.

Ups and downs. Struggles.

Everyone goes through this but you can never go at it alone.

Especially not without STM and many experts actually helping you directly, coaching you and telling you what to do and what not to do.

This happens with almost every follow along on STM.

But that “almost” is the most crucial part - here is where people fail hard because they simply don’t put in the work.

They launch a camp and oh no I see red numbers, AM doesn’t work, kthxbye.

While the ones who persist, learn, fail and try and fail and try again are the ones who make it 100% of the time.

There are NO shortcuts, no “push button secrets” - this is a special skill to master and it takes time and effort.

But the ROIs are simply unmatched by any other industry. Period.

Tey reached over $100/day profit by taking the plunge for a few months and working hard. He even stopped his STM subscription for a while so he could invest it in his campaigns.

Well he just came back and posted about his success, along with a lot of valuable lessons learned which you can see in his thread. Actually just go in and check out his entire journey.

Quote: “I'll keep on grinding, hopefully I'll look back to this thread in a year from now and laugh at my current numbers

We all know what’s going to happen in a year from now...

Tey’s follow along thread is here

A Newbie & Co Hit The Green

I mean, do we even have to describe this? Are you even surprised?

Another newbie follow along, another profitable update by said newbie and his friends.


It took this guy 32 days to see green numbers with a 49.28% ROI.

It’s time for you to join STM and let us teach you and guide you methinks.

Newbie thread here

Have You Ever Asked These eCom Questions? Yes? Did You Get Answers?

Here are the question:
1. What would you recommend for begginer into ecommerce?
2. How should I start?
3. How do I find which is the best products that has potential nowdays?
4. Is there any application that will help us?
5. What niche is doing best in ecommerce and has potential? fashion industry?
6. What would be your ecommerce model/advice to start with ecom?

Asked by an STMer.

Guess who followed up with a reply?

Pekadis - our resident STM mod and eCom expert.

His reply is so good that there was no way we wouldn’t add it in the newsletter.

Gold here

Would Zuckerberg Hug You Like He Hugs His Wife If You Showed Him a WhiteHat Affiliate Offer?

Of course he won’t.

FB doesn’t really like affiliate offers but boy do they like money.

They like money a lot more than you do.

But things are tricky in the Facebook world.

Even whitehat offers can get the Zucc Ban Hammers.

There’s a specific reason why - one sneaky affiliate gets cocky and runs said offer in a shady way and then everybody else gets the slap.

This sounds like terrible news but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is yet another eye-opening thread you have to check out.

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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