🔍 How to Decypher The ‘GenZ’ Language For Yer TikTok Ads

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How to Speak in ‘GenZ’ For Yer TikTok Ads

If you’re old school like me and don’t speak the sacred ‘Gen Z’ language your TikTok ads won’t blend in.

Big yikes.

Lucky for you and me, there’s this here thread.

Fellow STMers have mastered their tongue.

Ye can learn complex Gen Z lingo, such as:

That's cap

Why do you switch up

Wig” (back in my day this used to stand for ‘artificial hair’)

Big yikes

You are sus

Any of these sound alien?


Also, before crafting any TikTok ads, don’t forget to:

–Turn off spell check

–Turn off grammar check

–Don’t use any punctuation

–Get super drunk

–Watch cat videos

–Listen to gangsta rap

You can then master alien phrases such as:

Fr FR no cap

This and more, ye shall find inside.

Yer welcome.


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Let´s talk about passwords…Again

Surely ye’ve heard the password news.

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Here, flick this open:


Here’s a thread bump.

He, The Chosen One @twinaxe has just the solution.

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May yer passwords be safe.

Yer welcome.

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P.S. Watch some relevant Michael McIntyre ‘fore ye jump in

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