How to Buy a Click Once and Resell It 1000 Times (and win $1k)

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How to Buy a Click Once and Resell It 1000 Times (and win $1k)

How to Buy a Click Once and Resell It 1000 Times (and win $1k)

“Q: How many copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: I’m not changing a f!@#$(ng thing!”

I’m not even touching that subject line because it’s written by someone with a LOT more experience than me.

Master copywriter and old-school (since 1996, btw) direct response master, John Alanis, started spilling gold on STM recently.

His knowledge-bomb threads drip with copy gold.

Just the way they’re written is fascinating, not to mention the meaty and useful bits.

This guy’s the real deal – inside this thread yer gonna learn how he got to join STM in 2014 and how he got to speak at STM London 2015 shortly after.

An email master and legend is about to teach you his sacred ways and I suggest you listen.


“I joined up, started reading the posts, and began contributing on the topic I know most about- opt in email marketing. There are many ways to make money in affiliate marketing, but I always loved list building and opt in email marketing because it’s one of the best ways to buy a click once, and resell it over and over, even thousands of times over days, weeks, months, even years.”

The funny part is this is going to be just a tiny part of a series leading up to a contest.

“...I’m going to share with everyone what is working for me now and how you too can buy a click once and resell it thousands and thousands of times. They say the more you give, the more you get, and since I want to get a lot, I’m going to give a lot over the next few days.”

Spilling the beans on what’s working for him in 2019 is putting it mildly.

Finally, in return John would want you to join a contest where he (yes!) needs help & advice fixing his internal pages (“on-page design, finding more offers to promote, people to buy traffic from me on a wholesale basis”).

So you get to not only learn but make cash doing so at the same time.

But let’s not skimp on the most important part – our beloved Hugh Hancock (caurmen), the legacy he left behind and the lives he touched and changed.

Even after his passing he is still our (by far) most thanked STM member and for good reason. 15,770 thanks, unsurpassed by anyone.

John tells his story of how he met Hugh in his next series, which you must read ASAP.

(more on that in the following piece)

>> Go ye here to learn more about the contest <<


The difference between a profitable and unprofitable campaign most of the times is just bad placements. If you can cut out those quickly, your ROI will turn from red to green.

TheOptimizer is the #1 rated tool by super affiliates to automate their campaigns and cut money draining placements quickly.

What does it do exactly?

  1. Block bad publishers or bots automatically based on conditions you set. Change bids based on your ROI and stop campaigns automatically if losing too much money. It’s like having a 24/7 assistant watching your campaigns and making sure your money is never wasted.
  2. Combine your spend and revenue under one dashboard. See exactly how much each ad has spent and earned in one place. You won’t have to go back and forth between your tracker and traffic sources.
  3. Get email, slack and telegram alerts 24/7 if your campaigns start suddenly losing money or other conditions set by you are met.
  4. Bulk create campaigns into many traffic sources at once with one click.
  5. Many many more to list here...

P.S For the newsletter readers you can try all the above at **70% OFF the first month. Just use the links below and the coupon: STMNEWS



Remembering Caurmen (Hugh Hancock)

(That above is Hugh at an AW conference)

In Hugh’s memory this won’t have any of my cheesy writing in it because even this short line itself is painful enough to wrap up.

(Although, I’m pretty sure he would 100% appreciate and laugh off a crazy email if he’s still out there somewhere.)

Hugh has touched and changed so many people’s lives that you owe it to yourself to go and read this.

As promised above, please jump in and see John’s touching story of how he met Hugh.

I’ll leave you with the story’s end so you can start from the beginning:

“When I heard Hugh passed away last year I took it hard. Really hard. It felt like an old, long time friend had died, and he had. Hugh and I only met once, only drank whisky together once, only told stories in person once. But it felt like I’d known him a lifetime, and perhaps St. Paul’s Cathedral looming over us in the dark that night was an omen. Not a bad one, but an omen that Hugh would always be with us, looming over us, sure and steady, a good, evil peated Scotch in hand.”

>> We miss you, Hugh, rest in peace <<

Newbie: “Where can I use (specific) logos on push”

This newbie has already tasted the sweet flavour of push traffic but now he wants more:

“... am very interested to find out which push traffic sources/ad networks will allow me to use logos for example and creatively explain that the audience “has won” etc....”

Many STMers jumped in and gave advice.

Hint, many of them are OK with using logos.

@eduaffiliates recommended a push traffic source I guarantee you haven’t heard of before.

And our very own awesome mod, @maynzie, dropped in an entire list.

For the most part, avoid Propeller if you wanna apply sneakier tactics – for the rest of them, click below:

>> For safe push traffic sources clicky here <<

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