🧑‍🌾 How to Build a Media Buying Team, STM Style

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How to Build Your Media Buying Team

Lets say your campaigns hum along greenly.

Lets say they’ve been humming along for the past couple of months.

But yer getting tired.

Maybe ye want a vacay.

Maybe ye want to scale things up.

But time’s nowhere to be found.

Campaign after campaign, creative after creative, lander after lander–yer time’s running on empty.

What happens when you, the machine, stops working?

5 figure days go down to 0 figure days.

But lets assume, unlike yours truly, that ye don’t hate people.

What ye can do is you can build a media buying team.

That way, your campaigns keep running when yer not around.

@estebangira shares his pro-tips on how to build your very own deadly media buying spec ops team:

“The idea of creating a media buying team was "How can we still earn money if we stopped running campaigns”

My Current team are: Media Buyers, Assistants, Account Manager, Designer, Web Programmer, Accountant- All of them are in house - and some freelancers when are needed”

Yer welcome.

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I’ll keep it short and sweet 😎

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-The common Spanish language makes it easy to adapt marketing materials & strategy.

-LatAm is an emerging market with HUGE forecasts of online gambling revenue. It should reach a jaw-dropping US$2.6bn by 2025.

-Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama have legalized online gambling. Regulated markets let customers feel safe and create a reliable gaming experience on all levels.

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How can you tap into this market?

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A Native Nooblet’s Desperate Cry For Help

Get ready for yer weekly dose of thread-gems.

This helpless newbie ushers a desperate cry for help:

“Hey STMers, I'm a native noob doing my baby steps in IM with search arb.

?Running though the FA of @jack_l, I've noticed the following (not exact quote, sorry): "The main metrics of success in paid AM are Total Campaigns Started/Average Loss Per Failed Campaign".

That got me thinking about the question "how to decide from the start what is a failing campaign?"

What is a failing campaign?

How do pro STMers know when to cut their losses?

If ye want to see the exact rules deadly affiliate such as The Jaybot ruthlessly cut campaigns.

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Looking For: Debt Relief Offers


Direct advertisers, networks and in-betweeners:

This guy’s looking for debt relief offers:

“I am running debt relief offers but got low conversion caps atm so I am looking higher caps for my high quality FB traffics. I love to run Freedom debt relief, Accredited, National debt offers.”

USA, CA and UK.

Go help the man out.

Perhaps ye’ll get other interested affiliate eyeballs on yer offers too.

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