Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets

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Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets
Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets

STM veteran, superaffiliate and one of our most prominent members “vortex” (Amy) reveals her story of the good old SEO days, jumping into paid traffic and AM, and then considering going BACK to SEO after becoming a hyper-successful affiliate to diversify assets and build a long term business.

The backstory itself is juicy. So.many.lessons!

From the early and easy SEO days, to the ages of Google updates - it has it all.

EMD (exact match domains) craze and its death.

Penguins, pandas and all sorts of other animals swung down by Google’s mighty hammer.

To OMG Machines and Greg Morisson’s guidance and insane SEO success.

To adding a cherry on top by combining SEO AND paid traffic.

Amy explains how you can reinvest your affiliate profits into outsourcing SEO and skyrocketing your success much faster than usual.

It’s a self-reinforcing system that snowballs your profits.

There are no catches either, this is a genuine STM recommendation brought forward by numerous requests from other affiliates.

Go diversify now!

Confused Newbie Starts “FUDDING” and Gets Taught a Lesson

In case you didn’t know - “FUDDING”/”FUD”/”To FUD” is the new hip term for fear, uncertainty and doubt originating from the crypto world.

All three are painfully familiar emotions in the world of AM too.

It’s normal. Everyone goes through this at one point or another of their journey.

That’s what Mr. “lukeman” is on about in his thread:

“Can someone (especially a newbie) still run whitehat and be profitable?”

“From what I have read, it looks like running whitehat is already at a disadvantage as aggressive/blackhat campaigns have higher conversions than whitehat.”

“I have heard/read of Facebook banning accounts and affiliates having to use multiple/different ones every time”

And so on and so forth.

Is whitehat REALLY safer? Is blackhat dying? What am I supposed to do?!

But watch what happens when all the STM veterans jump in clear all the confusion in just a few long posts.

The conclusion is “it depends”, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Stop “fudding” now

Follow Along Update: “Newbie” Now Hitting $XXXX/day

We spoke about this in a previous newsletter. Newbie (not anymore it seems) “jack_l” just hit $XXXX/day in gross profits.

He managed to scale things by being determined and consistent.

He says: “I'd say that media-buying is very much like golf- fun, addictive, fulfilling, and EXTRAORDINARILY HUMBLING!”

I mean, there’s no need to add anything to this!

Go check Jack’s follow along again

What Is The Best Platform for Collecting Your Own Push Traffic?

STM’s founder Mr Green ask for some insights on the best platforms to collect your own push traffic.

Stuff like:

STM members jump in, dissect and provide a number of brilliant solutions depending what you need - marketing purposes or creating a platform.

Golden nuggets everywhere!

See the solutions

The Most Professional Interview You’ll Ever See

“twinaxe” one of STM’s many successful affiliate gets interviewed by Roman from ZorbasMedia.

His interviews are top notch and extremely professional. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Even better than most TV interviews out there, seriously.

Here’s a snippet from twinaxe’s intro in his thread:

“Probably some of you already have seen one or another affiliate interview from Roman (ZorbasMedia). Well, now they caught me as well and I traveled to Russia for an interview about me and my affiliate life.


But I have to say it was a very big challenge for me to do the trip and the interview.

As I said, I usually try to keep in the background so it was a pretty strange feeling for me.

Additionally I am somewhat frightened of flying so that was also not that easy for me.

Nonetheless I thought it's better to face the challenge and don't run away from it and in the end it was the best decision.

I met really wonderful people there, had an amazing time in Russia and already think about going back there. Unluckily in the interview you can't see the whole day and you can't feel the atmosphere but all I can say is that it were few days I will never forget. “

Do yourself a favour and go watch the interview

How to Target Video Ads Like a Pro on Youtube

The Legendary iAmAttila strikes again!

Learn how to target video ads on youtube.

We can’t reveal the whole thing but it has to do with stereotypes, lambos, thailand and keywords...and ad groups.

See the lesson here

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