Here’s How I Blew $2300 on Ecom, FAILED and What I've Learned

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Here’s How I Blew $2300 on Ecom, FAILED and What I've Learned
Here’s How I Blew $2300 on Ecom, FAILED and What I've Learned (Golden Tips Inside)

Bet you've read a ton of case studies about successful campaigns, but have you ever read a case study on a FAILED campaign? This case study by IAmAttila will tell you about all the different testing, optimizing, and troubleshooting you can do when campaign results are disappointing. If you're still trying to find success in ecom, read this thread, take lots of notes, and try some of the tactics suggested - it may just help you turn your campaign around!

Promoting Dating? Should You Go Direct or with Network?

This question was asked by member totalik. Some of the most experienced members operating in the dating niche respond with pros and cons of each option.

Is Diet These Days Dead?

Lots of knowledge bombs in this thread on how to make diet "work".

FB Messenger Bot - How to Monetize?

Member with thousands of users on messenger bot is wondering how to monetize effectively, and received several great suggestions. Pay special attention to maynzie's contribution.

Save Big on Affiliate Tools and Services!

Looking for deals on spy tools, traffic, and more? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and discounts have started to pop up in this subforum, including discounts on Adplexity tools and a cash-back promo by Exoclick. These are time-sensitive offers you'd want to take advantage of TODAY!

Weekly Tech News - Nov. 16th

In this week's issue: Google trying to kill carrier-billing offers for good, Alibaba breaks Singles Day record with $30B, and more!

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