Guess Who’s Back? Big Daddy Voluum Starts Caring For The Little Guy Again

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Guess Who’s Back? Big Daddy Voluum Starts Caring For The Little Guy Again
Guess Who’s Back? Big Daddy Voluum Starts Caring For The Little Guy Again

This just shot up on our radars.

A brand-spanking new STM thread made by Voluum stating they’ve got their entry level plan back in the game.

It’s an interesting move considering they decided to focus on higher-ticket clients (companies and big affiliates) not too long ago.

Maybe they’ve had a change of heart.

Or maybe they miss their dear affiliates.

It is a convenient tool though and it’s the most well-known one out there. An industry leader if you may.

But most importantly, they’ve listened to us all! Lookie here at what they say in the thread:

“The invaluable feedback you provided to us made us realize that affiliate marketers have diverse needs. While some require more advanced features, others just need an essential ad tracker for a lower price.”

Their entry level plan’s back on the menu for $69 (quite a competitive price tag), and they further lowered it to $62 for STM and MRKTRS members, though it doesn’t include their “AI and Fraud detection features”.

But it doesn’t matter, sometimes all we need a simple tracker with all of its basic features in there, not the fancy-pants stuff - after all, STM is where Voluum got their start and their fame and glory. Back to their roots and original home they go, and we like it.

And it does make sense this move, not everyone needs a high-tech, ultra-luxurious Mercedes S-Class when you can get to work in a reliable Toyota Corolla. You can upgrade later as you see fit in case your back starts hurting.

You can grab the entry level plan here directly (along with the STM dollars off):

Hopefully this plan is here to stay, might be worth grabbing it now if you haven’t gotten another tracker yet.

$60,000 Pure Profit On Taboola With Casino App Installs and a Simple Campaign

Amidst recent panic, crying and screaming newbies running in circles, Facebook’s bad news, Pops being hard and native being notoriously expensive to run on, Bbrock32, one of STM’s original founders shows us all how it’s done. And that it doesn’t hurt, and it isn’t THAT difficult.

All it takes is a bit of preparation, patience and having the right tools.

You can’t just throw in random creatives and offers and expect to wake up to profits. Noo, don’t do that or your bank account’s going to get super grumpy.

Bbrock32 reveals everything in great detail, step by step with screenshots on how he pulled it off, and keeps on pulling similar campaigns off all the time. (the added bonus is he’s replying to questions from all of our members, including newbies, and revealing basically everything).

See how the pros do AM

Jason Bourne Would Be Super Jelly Of This Affiliate’s Untraceable Men-In-Black Level Anonymity

Do you remember the “flashy thing” they use in Men in Black? (no puns intended) If not go here ASAP:

“I am just a figment of your imagination”.

Jason Bourne would be drooling all over the place if he could get a hold of the neuralizer (flashy thingy).

So would you if you saw what’s in this recent thread we managed to dig up.

Why would you want top-secret, CIA, Men-in-Black level anonymity when you’re running simple affiliate campaigns? Here’s why (to quote the thread):

  • Affiliates tracing your fingerprints to rip angles

  • Offers finding you landers to dispute payment due to “compliance”

  • Newspapers and magazines furious about your templates

  • Disgruntled customers seeking to take you down.

  • Weird people on YouTube exposing your tricks

And many more reasons.

If anything, it’s just good business sense. This doesn’t only apply to the dark side of the force either.

Obviously (and unfortunately) we just cannot reveal how to achieve such anonymity in this email. The thread itself and this person’s reply (whom we cannot name either) is frankly as scary as it is fascinating and revealing and we’re not even exaggerating.

This guy is STM’s Jason Bourne who recently happened to join the Men in Black team and is now on STM-anonymity-level pills.

Super-secret STM thread here

$50 Dollars Says You Don’t Know This Trick to Lift Your New FB Account’s $50 Limits

It’s so simple, yet so effective.

Would you rather wait an entire 30 days or do this simple tip posted by an STM member and lift your FB account’s spending limits?

It’s golden nuggets like these that pay for your STM subscription many times over.

Lift your account’s limits ASAP

How bad of an idea is it to try and build a mailing list with native traffic?

Native traffic can get expensive if you’re not smart about it, as Bbrock32 revealed in his $60k case study above.

One STM member wonders if they can build a list on native and asks whether that’s a good idea.

A dude abides and provides answers. (thedudeabides is his nickname, but he’s called Kelly and he’s a native traffic expert)

Short answer: it’s entirely possible if you’re being cautious and clever.

Long answer: See the STM thread

Right here

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