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Go Download This Glorious Whitelist First, Then We’ll Talk

Happy mid w…drop everything yer doing right now.

Then go here and scroll down.

There’s a gold-plated .zip file, grab it now.

Got it?

Excellent, now lemme explain.

Sir The Glorious One (a.k.a. @twinaxe, a.k.a. T-Win1000, a.k.a. Lazy Neo) shares what nobody else dares to share, ever.

A massive Propellerads whitelist.

Built over the years.

13 GEOs.

5 verticals.

120,000 conversions.

Each zone has generated 10 conversions minimum.

The top one? 11,000 conversions.

The top 10 zones? 59,000 conversions.

Let me close this deal with a testimonial:

“It takes a lot of effort to produce something like this as well as copious volumes of money. Very kind of you to share it. I ran a small SOI campaign on it and its performing 100% ROI.”

Yer welcome.

>> Get The Whitelist Right Here Right Now <<

[SPONSORED] [Dream Job Alert] Marketing Executive @ Leading Crypto Software Company

Do you have 4+ years of proven marketing experience?

If so, read on - this may be that big opportunity you’ve been waiting for. (Not hype!)

Aurox, a leading crypto software company, is looking for a senior marketing executive to join their team.

The most attractive part of this position? If accepted, you’ll be getting a competitive salary PLUS stock options!

Let me tell you why this is huge…

The company has raised a large $5M seed round, and is on track to do several more large raises over the next few months.

They’re on track to becoming the first and only DeFi software company to go public before the end of this year.

This means that in the near future, their stocks may be worth more than the already-competitive salary. (Potentially MUCH more! There’s technically no ceiling to this growth.)

Not to mention: You’ll be working as part of a truly innovative company that has been in business since 2017, and has experienced impressive growth of epic proportions. (e.g. They’ve doubled their staff with the increased funding.)

You can find out more about Aurox here.

Interested? Click here to check out the position and apply today.

>> Find Out More About The Position Here <<

250%-400% ROI CC Submits on Reels?

One would think ye’d see a post re TikTok.

But nay, it’s Reels.

This is @blackemil’s first case study.

And it be a juicy one.

Up to 400% ROI CC submits.

The network.

The offer.

A ripped TikTok video refactored for Reels.

A landing page.

And the balls to get it all done.

Yer welcome.

>> Go Here To Learn & Give Thanks <<

Green Follow-Along -- $XX/Day

Allow me to paste this in:

“Well today is a NEW MILESTONE.

That's right, the first XX day PROFIT on winning SOI campaign.

Total spend on campaign: $19.90 Total Income on campaign: $31.50”

Manly tear-wiping begins

Well played, @quintyfresh, gg.

Allow me to paste this in, too:

“A large portion of the earned money is RECENT, and I have a MUCH better understanding of launching offers, optimizing, and right now am learning to scale with some very awesome help from people around here like @larsometer and @jaybot.

I think this is the SECOND turning point for me in my journey to success. Also, success for me means more than the money. Learning HOW and WHY these things work is much more important and the money will come naturally as those skills progress.”

Oh and the bestest part?

Scroll back up to the previous piece.

See that 100% ROI good word?

That’s @quintyfresh.

The Whitelist Delivers.


>> Go Give Yer Thanks & Subs <<

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