💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 🔎One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

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💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 🔎One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns
💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M

2 short years ago Mr. @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Lord of the Boars started a follow along.

A few threads, actually, each more invaluable than the next:

🐗Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV 🏄

🚢Wakeboarders' 100-Day Challenge: The Scaleship Project – where he scaled to $XX,XXX/day

👻Warming Up for Q4 With Snapchat Follow Along

Wild Boars are Attacking YouTube Ads 🐗

With ever-growing numbers like these:

But now, this one is where he returns victorious. (also, look at the URL itself…it ends with ?50000 – coincidence? Methinks not.)

Quote from @wakeboarder:

“Two years ago I opened a follow along Wild Boar Liquidator & wakeboard JV and at the beginning, I definitely didn’t think the project would become so big.

I’m confident to say that Black Fire is one of the fastest, if not the fastest-growing hunting brands in Europe. At the moment we’re doing low-mid six figures a month and I believe this is just the beginning.”

The key point here is that he’s still using his deadly affiliate skills to scale way past their competitors.

“We’ve managed to get on-board the biggest retailers like Decathlon and other biggest niche-specific retailers. We’re still using my affiliate skillset/mindset to compete against companies that are using traditional approaches (trade fairs, PDF catalogs lol, exclusive distributors, etc) and it looks like we will continue to do so.” - @wakeboarder

In the numbers:

8 full-time employees (5 production line workers, 3 management)

3 part-time employees

6 total products

B2B vs B2C revenue ratio = 62% vs 38%

80% of revenue comes from 2 countries

6% of total

What’s even better is this isn’t just a success story thread.

Oh no – inside, as usual, you’ll find golden nuggets.

In this thread, Tim shares his 5 tactics that helped grow his brand to over $2.5M in just 2 years.

P.S. Make sure you copy-paste his exact cold-email template (post 2) somewhere safe.

>> Go here and keep an eye on these wild boars, will ye? <<

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@stickupkid Pops Vitamins

Make sure you give this one an instant sub.

@stickupkid, one of our resident FB expert mods, seems to have an affinity for domain-flipping.

“Until I stumbled on (ignore the content/design etc) for a very soft price. After some months of planning to flip it I decided to execute now. There are enough websites with vitamin info, but most websites have a lot of whistles and bells, heavy loading time and bad usability.”


“I am not going to target the fitness people, I want to educate the majority *which are taking shitty multivitamins daily without knowing what they actually do. Last year the *dutch vitamin market was around 140 million, if I can take 1% profit out of that I am happy.”

>>

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