🩸 Friday Night Native Bloodbath (-$1,004)

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🩸 Friday Night Native Bloodbath (-$1,004)
@jaybot’s Weekly Native Bloodbath

Your front row seat to the @jaybot Friday night party has been reserved.

Keep yer eyes peeled for the show is just beginning.

A massacre rages on as @jaybot continues to battle expensive native traffic sources.

Some days even worse:

But it ain’t all red.

Perhaps it’s blind luck or a good BL – 3 offers are close to break-even or better.

Grab yer popcorn, lick yer eyeballs and wipe yer screen.

And stay tuned for @jaybot’s next move.

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[SPONSORED] The ONLY Affiliate Offer in a New Vertical

Tired of pushing the same old affiliate offers, with the same small margins? A hot new offer has just come out, that fits these criteria:

  • Brand new vertical = practically zero competition

  • 1st EVER affiliate offer in this vertical

  • Direct with advertiser = no affiliate network cut = more revenue for you

  • High payout + high conversion rate + high margins + lucrative revshare option

The best part? The live streaming vertical is SUPER-CHARGED during covid, experiencing massive growth that can only be rivaled by Bitcoin!

Introducing, one of the biggest live-stream communities!

What is

Tango is a Live stream platform that allows content creators to share their talents and monetize their fans and followers. Their users:

  • Broadcast 24/7- get fans- receive gifts (real money!)

  • Watch live streams and chat with broadcasters, via voice rooms and video chat

  • Are an active global community of millions of talented Artists, Dancers, Singers, Influencers, Gamers, Bloggers, and more

Tango’s Affiliate Offer:

2 options to choose from:

  1. CPA option - $50 payout for every eligible purchase

  2. Revshare option - 20% of every eligible purchase

Sign Up to Tango’s Affiliate Offer Here!

Need MORE reasons to join Tango’s affiliate program?

FIRST and ONLY affiliate program in the live-stream vertical

  • Run directly with Tango, no network, for highest payouts

  • Extremely attractive offer – minimum purchase is only $0.99 but payout is $50

  • Super-engaged users – average user value is $500-$700

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You Keeping an Eye on @vortex’s 40-day Tutorial?

There’s hearsay that @vortex is yet again updating the 40-day tutorial. Yours truly heard it with his own ears.

This is your reminder to check the entire thing out.

Especially with threads like these popping up lately where @twinaxe spoonfeeds baby-newbs with hot campaigns served on a silver platter.

Brush up on yer skills and jump in there.

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How Smart STMers Invest Their Dollarydoos Wisely

@matuloo, @osmiumman, @jack_l and others join in to discuss future investments, risk assessments, predictions...and becoming alcoholics.

From crypto, to stonks to advanced investment strategies we gots it alls.

>> To The Moon YOLO <<

The Ultimate Free Lander Hosting Setup

The Zeno strikes again with a M-A-S-S-I-V-E free lander hosting setup/guide.

Yours truly tried it.

Very excellent, many tech.

Got it up and running real quick, pretty nifty this Netlify thing.

Such thingamagics usually end up with me in a tangled up mess of an adventure – but not this time.

The Zeno holds yer hand firmly and walks you through easy though – do not be intimidated by the length. It’s just extremely detailed and clear.

This guide involves, in great detail: (and also, not even 1 typo has been found anywhere within these halls of great knowledge btw)

The best part?

They’re all free.

>> Grab a cup a coffee beforehand for this is yuge, go here <<

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