[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander

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[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander

[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander

First of all, you’re welcome.

Second of all, this special-snowflake of a push sub collection lander (me quotez): “may or may not be following your traffic sources policies.

So handle her with care for she is a dangerous beauty.

Thanks to an overly generous STM gang member who goes by the nickname of @affiliatecase, you can do the following with “The Beauty”:

  • Plug her into the back redirect scripts on your landers

  • Automatically detect a browser’s native settings

  • Has an exit intent pop-up

  • Anything your cheeky affiliate imagination can muster up

Mind you this is specifically designed for OneSignal’s Push Notification service.

What’s next?

You can start by thanking me, your writer, for finding “her” and then perhaps extend your thanks to @affiliatecase with the “Thanks” button as well.

And then clicking the link below.

P.S. It wasn’t even me who found “The Beauty” thread, ‘twas @vortex, but I would like to collect all the internet glory anyways.

>> Clickie here, download “The Beauty” .zip and plug ‘er into yer landers <<

Making the Most Money Off Your Adult Traffic

Dating is the undisputed king in the Adult vertical. Everyone is familiar with it, and while it is a highly competitive market, dating offers as we know them are going to be around for a long time.

Cam sites and tube sites have popped up everywhere on the internet, but nothing compares to the allure and thrill of browsing and interacting with local singles. In our modern times, people are hyper connected but more lonely than ever - that’s what keeps the curious users and dating conversions rolling in.

More and more end users are looking for all types of dating experiences online. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to profit from the same old run of the mill dating offers.

STM dating expert Matuloo weighs in with some wisdom: _“If you are trying to make it in dating using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers...good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times._”

Thankfully there are some direct advertisers out there that go the extra mile to craft dating offers that speak directly to the wants and needs of the modern user. VIPoffers is one direct advertiser network that has been consistently rated top notch for over 20 years.

Here’s some quick reasons why you need to work with VIPoffers:

  • Pure Profit - VIPoffers has paid out over $2 Billion in affiliate commissions since 1996.

  • Trusted Partner - VIPoffers has been a pioneer in the online dating space for over 20 years - they’re here to stay.

  • Goodbye Saturation - With thousands of offers and fully-custom white labels available, VIPoffers has you covered with something new that nobody has seen before.

  • Multiple Offer Types - Whether you’re looking for CPL, CPA, CC submits, SOI or DOI, VIPoffers has a deep database of offers that will generate the most profit from your traffic.

  • Top Payouts - Talk with a VIPoffers account manager today and get the best payouts for your high-quality traffic.

  • Landing Page Legends - With a full stack in-house development team, VIPoffers pushes the envelope developing new landers, tours, and flows that continue to change the game year after year.

Are you looking to monetize your dating traffic? Team up with VIPoffers today and start working with the best in the industry - you and your bank account will be happy you did.

Sign up today!

Shhh….Let’s Whisper-Talk FB Spy Tools

Careful now, don’t let the Zucc hear this.

For he might come rubbing everybody’s shoulders and banning accounts.


An STMer interested in running sweeparoos on FB asks what the best FB spy tools are.

Diligently, @matuloo jumped in with the bag of golden nuggets and other mods followed shortly after.

We can’t openly talk about this stuff without angering The Zucc, so I’ll just mention 1-2 of the tools in the thread and ye shall find the rest inside by yerself:

  • AdPatrol (it’s like that quiet new kid on the block that packs a punch)

  • MagicAdz (kinda old-school and well-known)

But that’s not even the best part.

What’s inside the thread are what seems like entire “advertorials” reviewing all the various spy tools out there.

The link posted by @matuloo has like, dozens of FB spy tools and sneaky spy services.

Plus there’s a second long list of spy tools being recommended by Mobidea.

Plus there’s one member revealing their home-made and not-yet-live (beta) brand-spanking new spy tool.

Plus tons more.

Plus @vortex showing us that some of these bad boys have threads in the “Discounts” section.

>> Go here and cherry-pick your favourite spy tools <<

Yet Another $1 Guide Success (From a Day 1 Campaign)

Let me cut to the chase, here you go:

Nothing feels as good as witnessing your very first conversions as an affiliate marketer.

It hooks you in.

It’s addictive.

It’s also proof that our $1 Guide is by far the easiest barrier to entry in the entire affiliate marketing industry.

We are proud.

wipes tear

>> Go hit the ‘Thanks’ button here <<

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