Finally - the New and Improved 40-Day Newbie Tutorial is Here!

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Finally - the New and Improved 40-Day Newbie Tutorial is Here!
Vortex' 40-Day Tutorial 2019

Been wanting to enter this industry but still on the fence? The long-anticipated update of the 40-Day Pop Tutorial by Vortex is finally being posted! Some lessons are entirely new, with others heavily edited/rewritten. The first few lessons have already been posted - there's no easier way to learn paid traffic than with this step-by-step tutorial!

Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV

Update: Member wakeboarder is now doing 200+ euros/day at 700%+ ROI with his dad's new ecom store! His systematic testing and optimization strategy is very impressive and educational - a must-see if you're doing ecom!

An Actual Facebook Tip That Works and Can Help Make You More Money!

iAmAttila strikes again! This time with a super-valuable tip on how to reach profits on a new offer as quickly as possible.

Should You Focus on Excluding Instead of Including?

Saturating your narrow audience on Facebook? Member "salus group" shares a new strategy for creating audiences that has radically improved their lead quality and volume.

Cool Bot-Catching Trick For Natives

Member jack_l shares with us an old but ingenius way of detecting bot traffic, which has sparked a big discussion on the topic - 25 replies so far in just 3 days!

Weekly News Nov. 1st

In this issue of moderator matuloo's weekly tech newsletter: A list of the best 100+ marketing tools in 30 categories, how best to structure your ads to monetize Christmas shoppers, FB's financial report revealed (I can't believe how much they're making and spending!)...and more!

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