Fearless Newbie’s First $363 Revenue Day in 18 Days

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Fearless Newbie’s First $363 Revenue Day in 18 Days

Fearless Newbie’s First $363 Revenue Day in 18 Days

You know, fellas, finding success in affiliate marketing is not about having stellar guides so meticulously laid out that even a trained monkey can follow.

It’s not about having caring & loving mods holding you by the hand, guiding you along the way and telling you you’re good boy/girl.

It’s not about having supportive family members (i.e. other STMers).


What’s it about then?

It’s about you.

You decide to join STM.

You decide to start a follow-along.

To keep launching campaigns & to keep failing.

And to persist.

To have the discipline to post regular updates and to hold yourself accountable.

This is precisely what @offshore did as a newbie.

In 18 short days he reached $363.00 in revenue @ -21.41% ROI with push traffic.

Mind you he got his feet dipped in affiliate marketing just 30 days ago:

@offshore - “I am still learning and have in total like 30 days of affiliate marketing experience, 2 weeks pops 2 weeks push.

Other responses?

Holy #$%^! You're ramping up fast!” - @jaybot

“You've picked quickly and scaled up…” - @omarjr

“Speed of your progress is impressive

congrats!” - @carvaggio

Key takeaway?

Look at what our newbie said:

“I'm slowly but surely conquering my fear of spending more and more each day.“

Fear of spending green ones on traffic is one of the greatest newbie killers.

STM and your own grit is how you conquer that fear.

I’d subscribe to @offshore’s follow-along, it’s about to hit profits, go ye here


At last, 2020 is here and everyone is trying to predict the future trends in order to set their business for future growth. Probably the most discussed topic of the past few weeks is the current situation of the PUSH formatwill it die, will it flourish?

The predictions vary, but what is a “PUSH network’s” take on this? We reached out to one of them (PushGround), because who else should know more about the current situation than a network selling this type of traffic?

Special gift incoming, read on!

Here’s what they had to say: “At Pushground, we think the best way to predict the future is by looking at the past and analyzing the ever-changing affiliate environment. So we did just that and are now offering it all in a free PDF.”

Get your FREE copy of the PDF now!

What’s in the PDF you might ask?

  • What verticals experienced the biggest growth in the last 3 months

  • Which factors that have the biggest effect on conversion rates

  • GEOs with the highest profit potential right NOW

  • Cold hard data to help you make the right decisions

  • The importance of user “freshness”

  • Fraud analysis of the PUSH ecosystem

  • Upcoming formats and regulations

  • Expert advice to battle the upcoming challenges in 2020

The report is packed with actionable data that’s as fresh as it gets! Afraid of the Google regulations to come? This topic has been addressed too. Discover how the affiliate industry is evolving to overcome these hurdles.

Get your FREE copy of the PDF now!

Oh and… PushGround offers a free bonus to all STM users upon signup. Now is the right time to try their premium traffic… auto optimization features and advanced “freshness” targeting available!

P.S. Did you know PushGround had 14 different user freshness groups? Yes 14 :) So now you know, go check them out :)

‘Bontest’ Ends on 01/02/2020 - 16 Days to Put $1000 in Yer Pockets

It seems like not many people want:

A) Free money


B) A full year’s subscription to Binom

We talked about this in previous issues.

Binom’s piece of cake contest is still open.


Basically write anything related to affiliate marketing or tracking.

  • Working methods

  • Life hacks

  • Anything that proves useful to an affiliate marketer

This is literally free money if you’ve ever so far as touched affiliate marketing with your pinky.

Ideas from yours truly:

  • Ever launched a push campaign? Write a detailed, step by step guide.

  • Tracking basics? Explain and maybe even illustrate (even a goofy drawing in paint) how tracking tokens work.

  • Click loss? Why does it happen?

  • How to fix up ripped landers?

  • Basic AM concepts?

If your mind is blank, just open up STM forum and...borrow ideas.

It’s that simple.


“A guaranteed prize will be given for each article that respond to the requirements - 2 months of using the tracker (as for current clients, as for new ones).

1 place: Annual license for the tracker + 1000$

2 place: A six-month license for the tracker + 500$

3 place: A three-month license for the tracker + 300$

You’ve got until February 1st to jump in.

Contest ends in 16 days go ye here for free money & a free tracker

How to (almost) NEVER Get Your Ad Account Shut Down

We recently got a nice little 30 minute tutorial posted on how to keep yer accounts safe from Zucc’s prying eyes.

Key takeaways from the video:

  • Positive UX

  • No discrimination

  • No flashy, weird or sensational content (also should avoid certain words at all costs)

  • Promote happiness/positivity (more on that in the video)

  • One golden rule to follow

  • One question you can still use that’s acceptable and dodges the banhammer

  • Plus 4 ways The Zucc enforces his rules & regulations

  • Plus a lot more do’s and don’ts

Stay under Zucc’s radar with these juicy tips...go here

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