Facebook Automated Rules - How To Increase Your ROI%

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Facebook Automated Rules - How To Increase Your ROI%
Facebook Automated Rules - How To Increase Your ROI%

Did you know Facebook can help you optimize campaigns AUTOMATICALLY based on rules you specify? Check out cassshy's step-by-step guide on how to use this feature to save massive time and increase ROI. (Just one of the many uses of these automatic rules: Automatically adjusting the bid to keep a campaign green.)

The Affiliate Contacts Directory

Calling all Affiliate Network and Traffic Network Reps! STM has created a new contact info database to help affiliates get in touch with vendors. If you're a vendor rep, please enter your contact info today! More exposure to your business can't hurt, right? And don't worry about spam - the database can only be accessed by STM members that are logged into the forum.

Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV

Yet another amazingly systematic and detailed follow-along by member wakeboarder, who is helping to blow up their dad's business of selling (get this!) an attractant for wild boars! The product practically sells itself to boar hunters, and now with wakeboarder's marketing skills, has the potential of hitting it big! Contributors of this thread include ecommerce expert pekadis, so be sure to read beyond just the first post.

Follow Along: Amy's 40 Day Guide Follow Along (with Binom)

An update on this Follow-Along-Of-The-Year: Greg has found his FIRST PROFITABLE CAMPAIGN! Just less than 3 weeks ago, he was a newbie starting from scratch. If you need inspiration to get started, this would be it.

Weekly News Oct.26th - Huge AD Fraud Exposed, Email Marketing After GDPR ...

Matuloo had his gums ripped apart at the dentist's prior to writing this week's pain-inspired issue! Huge android app ad fraud affecting millions of users; the future of crypto; 3 simple steps to increase security when using public wifi; and more!

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