💵 [FA] From $0 to $10M Exit

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From $0 to $10M Exit

The Dude’s about to abide.

@thedudeabides is one old affiliate dog.

After feeling an ROI squeeze on native he set off to ecom land in 2020.

Owned and operated.

90 days later he got up to $1M revenue per month during peak COVID.

A year later? $7M in sales.

Then thing went sideways–filing a suit against his partner.

Crippling debt.



But Kelly’s now back.

Fists on the table, stronger than ever.

The goal?

To build, scale, systemize, and exit an e-commerce company to the tune of $10 million+ by Jan 1, 2025.

What yer going to do right now is sub to this thread.

And give the man yer thanks.

While we await, impatiently, for the next update.

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[SPONSORED] Formula Revealed: 400% ROI Sweepstakes Offers

Fact or Myth: 400%+ ROI with credit card submit sweepstakes offers??

It IS possible and here’s proof:

The biggest affiliates running sweepstakes ALL know this one key to high ROI:

➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Instead of promoting iPhone 13 offers to broad audiences, they promote CUSTOMIZED sweeps offers to NICHE audiences.

“But where can you find these customized offers?”

Easy - reach out to The Fellas Ads!

✅ Their in-house design team will create offers with customized sweeps prizes, exclusively for you! (Just ask!)

✅ They can even create pre-landers AND host them for you!

🔥Are you in Barcelona for Affiliate World right now? Meet The Fellas Ads at Booth C26 or BOOK YOUR MEETING NOW!

They are nice guys that can help you achieve that kind of ROI too! Ask them about:

  • Their wide range of offers in: CC Submit Sweeps, Streaming, E-commerce (trial), Antivirus, Nutra, Mobile
  • Content and Lead Generation
  • Pre-tested and hosted sales funnels
  • Keeping traffic quality top notch

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Watch This Guy Setup Sneaky Camps on Google UAC

Speaking of follow-alongs.

Meet Daniel.

Daniel’s a full–time affiliate.

If I mention the verticals Daniel runs they’d dig this email deep into yer spam folder.

There ain’t much such content here on STM.

When’s the last time ye’ve seen anyone run Google UAC campaigns?

That’s Universal App Campaigns.

Plus there’s one @twinaxe and one @vortex, and other interesting legends in there chiming in.

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Super-Affiliate Went from $30/Day to $10k+/Day By Changing ONE Thing

Yet another unpopular STM vibe.

We’re all devoured by ze numbers.

They speak to us.

But, numbers ain’t all.

This super-affiliate went from $30/day to $10k+/day by changing only his mindset.

Now’s yer chance to watch @vortex interview Bogdan–a super-affiliate and mindset coach–for a whole 30 minutes.

But wait, there’s even more.

This raw interview is the precursor to a mindset course.

The best part is it’s already been posted.

It’s called “The Affiliate Success Mindset Course” and part 1’s live and piping hawt.

Do yerself a favour.

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Fledgeling-Friendly Offers

A newbie asks, a newbie receives.

  1. Are there offers that are more newbie friendly than others?

  2. Are there certain types of offers that go better with certain traffic types?

  3. When testing an offer, should you take 1 offer and try it with all traffic types? At what point do you think its time to cut an offer out?

  4. When you test an offer, what is your list of importance?

Let yer inner affiliate noob loose and go read @matuloo’s @twinaxe’s insights.

And take notes.

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