🛢️Ex Oil Digger Brings in $120k in 10 Days 🛢️ STM Vet Maynzie Drops BH Gold 🥇[Profitable Follow-alongs] Newbies See Green Yet Again 🤑

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🛢️Ex Oil Digger Brings in $120k in 10 Days 🛢️ STM Vet Maynzie Drops BH Gold 🥇[Profitable Follow-alongs] Newbies See Green Yet Again 🤑
Ex Petroleum Engineer Makes $120k in 10 Days - Started AM on April 1st 2019

“No words for how much my life has changed”

That right there’s the title from our ex petroleum engineer.

Turned newbie pro affiliate marketer on April 1st just a few months ago.

Turns out he’s a natural born affiliate killer.

We wrote about his humble beginnings, like, yesterday.

Normally when you hear this sort of thing it means it has taken a few years.
Blood, sweat, tears, drained bank accounts and a (possibly) unhealthy lifestyle.

Well It took this guy 2 months.

This is amongst our best STM success stories.

Holey-moley, sharpen those ears and listen up:

I wanted to post my story here because I wanted to let everyone know how much my life has changed in the past 2 months. I joined this board and started affiliate marketing April 1st. Here are my results for the past 10 days across 2 voluums.

Together, our revenue has been around $120K USD and profits around $77k in 10 days.

Yeah. You read that right.

You thought digging for oil is profitable?

Can you do it as fast as you can with AM?


Are the ROIs as high?


Is the initial investment even worth discussing?


Listen, this too has a lot of stressful grinding to it just like Harry (Bruce Willis) from Armageddon and his teammates did on that piece of rock blazing towards mommy Earth.

This is what our oil engineer did too.

He said he found this 1 person on STM to team up with.

It all clicked between them, he says.

And the results are astonishing.

Faces covered in dirt and oil they persisted:

There was one night after multiple nights of 20 hour per day grinds, we were losing about $1K per day and trying to juggle a bunch of problems.

A great temptation also showed up amidst darkness and uncertainty - a $120k secure, high paying job offer.

He declined.

They were in debt too (wire came in late).

Now they’ve got oil spraying all over the place every single day.

See how the pros drill for green stuff

Diplomatic Relations PUSH to $XXX/day Profit

Mr. “diplomat” started his follow along on 06.02.2019.

He was happily running pops when suddenly push traffic popped up on his radar (pun intended).

Well he just posted an update and he brought in $130 in profit.

All push traffic, lovely screenshots with green numbers.

This successful follow-along trend continues and will continue in the future.

Keep an eye open and maybe open a follow along yourself, don’t be a scaredy cat.

The ones who have the balls to jump in are the ones who always reap the benefits.

You’re backed by affiliate veterans and STM mods (experts).

You keep a journal and you hold yourself accountable. (or you can request to be held accountable by us in any way you choose: e.g. “Where are the updates bro? pulls whip”)

You make constant progress and every question gets answered along the way.

It’s a profitable process for those who put in the work.

The success rates are serious.

Go check out diplomat’s follow-along right now

Borderline depression? Petrified Newbie’s Life Takes a Nasty Turn, Cries for Help

This newbie’s gone and done it.

Grab some napkins.

Next few lines are gonna be rough.

I joined STM in 2016 , i took action many times , never committed to one thing and made it work.
I went to AWA twice in 2016 and 2018.
Always too much thinking and not enough doing.”

You’d think Harry’s job as an oil digger was tough but take a look at this:

“I have been just sitting and Killing my life one day at a time , for 3 straight years.
Ages 20 to 23 , have been destroyed forever.
No friends , no fun , nothing productive .”

Currently i am extremely overweight , in very bad health overall , and supremely low on confidence.

This is scary stuff.


If you even think you might be suffering from depression please reach out and seek professional help. This is an extremely serious condition never to be taken lightly.

Please read the above lines a few more times.

We all go through hardships in life and the world of AM is no exception.

It’s so easy to get lost.

Analysis-paralysis creates this black hole that keeps pulling you in and at some points it seems there’s no way out.

This guy tried so many things and nothing worked:

“Starting from 2016 , i have thought and dabbled in the following.
Amazon FBA , Dating on Exoclick ,Carrier Billing on Exoclick , (Shopify with Facebook ADS) X3 , 3 failed Unprofitable stores , 1 unprofitable store with Google Shopping , 2 failed Youtube channels trying to promote CPA offers.”

Failed to make any profits.Not completely out of it , but again lost hope.

He completely lost hope and direction.

I want to try BH with Facebook , but can't think of anything as to where to start...

In cases like these it’s a good idea to try and team up with someone.

Talk to someone.

Form a mini-mastermind on STM.

Join a bunch of groups on FB.

Go to small meetups if you can afford it.

And so on.

Analysis Paralysis stems from PRESSURE (to succeed under budget and/or time constraints) and DOUBT (including doubting one's own abilities, and/or profits potential of this business). Figure out how to alleviate the pressure and minimize the doubts by instilling positive expectations, and you'll stop over-analysing and start taking action - because action is so much more fun and rewarding!” - quote from Vortex’s special STM thread on Analysis paralysis

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Guess who showed up and rescued this scared newbie? (oh and btw, there’s another newbie in the thread with similar issues)

Veteran master mod Vortex jumps in the water with a 3166 word post to save the drowning newbies.

This is so detailed you just have to check it out yourself.

It’s impossible to summarise.

Oh and do yourself a favor and read Vortex’s special thread on Analysis paralysis too in the meantime:

The cure is here

“WAAAAH! BH is a Waste of Time?”

More newbies suffering from the BHF syndrome (blackhat-fear-syndrome, I just made that up).

BH’s never been easy and lately it’s gotten extremely difficult too.

But not impossible.

A lotta people are still making a lotta moolah.

You just have to pull out the precise equipment–like scalpels and stuff–and tread lightly.

Because the FB beast has grown bigger and smarter than ever.

And in order to slay it, Mr. Maynzie jumped in this thread with the tools and knowledge necessary to face and defeat The Zucc.

The space has changed a lot this year, if you want to get into it you really need to keep the account costs at a minimum and have access to plenty of them.

Maynzie and his team have managed to keep ROIs stable and decent over the long term and he’s got just the right recipes listed in his reply.

Grab your weapons here and prepare for war

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