(100%+ ROI) Ex-Mechanic Builds His Own 31 Million Subs Push Database & Makes $1,450,736

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(100%+ ROI) Ex-Mechanic Builds His Own 31 Million Subs Push Database & Makes $1,450,736
(100%+ ROI) Ex-Mechanic Builds His Own 31 Million Subs Push Database & Makes $1,450,736

There’s nothing wrong with buying traffic and making moolah.

After all that’s what we STMers are best at.

We’re the 007s, the Men in Black, the Jason Bournes of the paid traffic world.

If there’s traffic to be bought there’s an affiliate sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere and getting insane ROIs.

We make it work.

But do you know what’s better than just buying traffic and sending it to affiliate offers?

Having your own traffic source, of course, and then sending your traffic to affiliate offers.


This guy was a mechanic just 2 years ago.

Right now he has his own push database with 31 million subscribers and banked about 1,5M Washingtons at 100%+ ROI.

And he’s going to speak at Affiliate World Europe Barcelona in July.

Talk about insane progress and massive profits.

But here’s the catch - you can build your own database if you buy traffic directly from push traffic sources but you’d have to pay CPC or CPM.

Can get pricey and a headache before you can optimise your campaigns.

You don’t want to do that.

This guy did a sneaky smart move by using a secret STM exclusive traffic source created by one of our very own masters and founders. (revealed in the thread)

That traffic source also happens to be thriving right now and you can buy traffic on a CPA basis.

Meaning you only pay for the push subscribers directly. Goodbye CPC/CPM migraines.

This way you build your push database quickly and then send them as many offers, in as many GEOs, in as many verticals as you desire...whenever you want to.

Free of charge.

You build your own traffic source and continue banking.

To top it off, this thread reveals everything step-by-step (with screenshots).

The thread is so massive he had to use multiple posts as the content wouldn’t fit in.

  • What offers to run (and what’s always working)

  • What platform to use for your push subs.

  • How to setup your push sub collection page. (landing page revealed in the thread)

  • How to setup tracking everywhere and connect everything perfectly. (postbacks, redirects, the whole deal)

  • How much to pay per subscriber

  • What ads to run and what they look like (again...screenshots everywhere)

  • How and when to send the messages (sending frequency and order)

  • Detailed stats from the case study.

  • Tips on how to streamline the whole process so you can just chill and drink beer.

  • Insert painstaking details here.

The problem is that uncle Google is about to slap us across the faces with some regulations...expected to happen soon.

Push is the golden goose right now but we don’t know how long this gold rush is going to last.

You better get started today if you wanna bank as hard as Mr. Ex-mechanic

Massive push gold rush here

Little Erik Wants to Hand You His Push Traffic Cheatsheet

One of our resident STM mods and experts Erik Gyepes is about to pass you his push traffic cheatsheet.

Make sure Miss Daisy doesn’t spot you with her baseball bat.

It’s a millenia old STM tradition to come up with DOs and DON’Ts.

And this one is no exception.

It’s massive and it’s detailed.

You wanna read this before jumping into push traffic.

Especially if you’re keen on becoming Mr. Ex-Mechanic #2 from above.

Some might say it’s a perfect addition.

See if you pass the class without being caught

Ex Exxon Mobil Engineer Starts Drilling and Finds Affiliate Oil

Bruce Willis would be proud.

Ryan is an ex-petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas, turned affiliate marketer.

He started drilling for affiliate oil literally 2 weeks ago and he already found it.

There’s affiliate oil all over his beaming smile. (affiliate oil is green coloured, positive ROI).

Name a better profession than transferring to an affiliate from a petroleum engineer. These guys know how to dig.

And affiliate marketing is all about digging.

You need to dig for landing pages, offers, campaigns, tools, relationships and everything in between.

It’s a fantastic follow along.

Noticing a trend lately? Engineers, mechanics, scientists, teachers - it doesn’t matter who you are now, where you come from or what your background is, anyone can make it work from any point in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Drill down in the thread right here

Ye Olde Shopify Dropshipping Thread Gets Resurrected Yet Again

This thread itself we’ve included multiple times in previous newsletter.

It’s one of those gems of a thread.

Owner’s now making “well over $X,XXX/day” and scaling hard.

Many pages dripping in liquid gold.

Just recently there was a post with the following questions:

“Great stuff man, and congratulations on your success!

I am also doing this business model for 3 years now but was never able to pass the $100K/month mark.

A lot has probably changed since you started, so let me pick your brain a bit.

1) How do you select new products?

2) How do you test new products?

3) What about creatives? With the need to test different creatives frequently, what is your process for making new creatives?

4) How do you scale?

5) How about the team? How many people do you have? What are their functions, what was the process to hire them? How much do you pay them?

6) About Conversion Rate Optimization? Are you doing the funnels as you were planning or still just the product page on Shopify? Anything that stands out on improving the CR?

7) Anything else I missed that you think is important?

I know I am asking for a lot but I would really like to know your thoughts on this.”

And of course our guy delivered.

Read here.

Push Traffic Questions PHP Developer-Style

Push being all the rage this newsletter, we had to include this thread here.

The structure of the thread itself shows this guy is a developer.

Highly organized and detailed questions.

He’s already had some previous success making over $100/day with 86.7% ROI but now he’s looking for advice on how to scale and get this bad boy working better.

His questions not-so-summarized below:

QUESTIONS: What do you think about Adplexity Mobile vs manual spying? Is manual much bette than Adplexity? Do you know any good guides on manual spying? How can I signup to push on various traffic networks as a user so I can start spying push campaigns? I mean, I need to know the urls where the ads are displayed, but how do I get them while most networks hide their advertisers urls?

-- once I start profiting again with Gotzha, I'd like to try some sweeps outside of affiliate network. Reason: I know they are usually with better payout, therefore I can do higher ROI. I'm also new to this.

QUESTIONS: How do I find such offers? I'm guessing, just post somewhere in this forum that I'm looking for such offers. Maybe there's some websites/services with direct offers (not involving aff network). Also: how do I track performance of such offers? Is it difficult? It's easy with Cake or Hasoffers platforms, but what about direct?

-- improve consistency. I had problem to create a campaign that last for days at least. When I found successful campaign and had 50-100% ROI, then it kept dropping every day and my longest campaign lasted for 5 days. Others for 2-3 days. I don't think it's normal.

QUESTION: How to improve consistency? I mean how to make the campaign last for a week for example, is it possible with push or all I can do is just scale like crazy once found the good campaign as it will die in next few days?

As usual tons of our resident jedi affiliate masters chimed in and answered all of his worries.

Go ye here

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