🎟 Everyone is going to Ad World! Are you? 💻 Get Auto-Approved For 600K Affiliate Offers

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🎟 Everyone is going to Ad World! Are you? 💻 Get Auto-Approved For 600K Affiliate Offers

🪑Let Me Pull You a Digital Chair


Want some of this stuff?

- Ogilvy
- The Hustle
- Neil Patel
- Reddit
- IBM Watson - The Tan Brothers
- Jason Akatiff (Ads4Dough)
- Anthony Sarandrea
- Cat Howell

- More, waay more

Then let me cut you in on a wittle deal my wittle fwiend.

Conferences ain’t just about us affiliate dogs no mo’.


It’s about the entire digital advertising industry.

AdWorld is 10,000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, 15+ tracks you can witness in yer underpants.

How much?

$39 for early birdies oblivious of glorious STM.

$299 for under-the-rock-dwelling procrastinators.

$0 Washingtons for STMers (thanks to yours truly’s shady deals)

*But you need to be an active STMer for at least 1 month from now up until November.

(Yer welcome, per usual)

>> Prepare yer best underpants, go ye here and let your eyeballs rub Ad World’s lander <<

[SPONSORED] Get Auto-Approved For 600,000 Affiliate Offers!

Tired of waiting forever for affiliate offers to get approved?

(And landing pages and ad creatives as well!)

While you’re spending half your life waiting for approvals, other affiliates are 10 steps ahead and generating revenue.

Because they’re running offers that have ALL been PRE-APPROVED, and they don’t need to submit landers or ads for approval!

Their secret weapon? The Admitad chrome extension.

Here’s the magic formula:

1)Install the Admitad extension (in <1 minute) and sign up (in 10 seconds).

2)You’ll then have access to 60,000 offers from 30,000 advertisers! All pre-approved for promoting immediately!

Search in Google, Bing or Yandex. Any site marked with an AD icon can be promoted.

No need to generate deep links - simply go to the product page and copy the affiliate link from the extension! (You can add SubID tags as well!)

Alternatively, sign up with your ad space to see the full list of offers (and access more tools for affiliate marketing professionals!)

3)Promote the link for $$$$$!

See this video for an overview of this program.

Interested yet? Here are more details:

-The 60k affiliate programs are from established US, European and worldwide brands like Airbnb, Adobe, Walmart, Skyscanner and more.

-Reporting includes traffic source, EPC, CVR, offer name, etc.

-Use Admitad’s suite of workflow optimization tools to work faster and easier!

-Find out how to promote these offers on adult traffic! On June 26th, Admitad and PornHub are hosting a webinar together - sign up for this webinar now!

>> Start doing affiliate marketing the easy way with Admitad! <<

High User Activity = High Backend Quality?

Basically, title.

1 CPI offer.

3 Campaigns.

1 Propeller Push.

1 Ferrari F40.

Does push traffic user activity mean surprising backend CPIs?

Lookie here:

“The Low Activity campaign has 14% of the revenue of the High Activity campaign.

The Medium Activity campaign has 48% of the revenue of the High Activity campaign.”

That be a massive difference indeed.


Methinks not.

Does correlation mean causation?

Methinks yes.

But better go see for yerself.

P.S. Watch Lazy Neo and Legendary Matuloo spew revelations in this thread in the meantime.

>> You’d think 400 installs would be a nice conclusion but no, need to wait for another week’s stats, go ye here <<

Yogi Twinaxe Hugs Crying Nooblet (Plus a Money Cushion)

You can feel tears slipping down this terrified newbie’s cheeks:

“I just want to say I hope other newbies have more success than I do/did at this.”

It drags on, but let me throw in a summary:

“Waaaah I’m scared and angry, AM hard” – (juicy tears inside)

Before I cut you loose inside this thread, lemme leave this here piece of the first post:

“When you dive into AM it does make sense to have a money cushion that you can afford to lose. That doesn't prevent you from falling but at least you will have less bruises and no broken bones.”

Also, expect wise words from Mr. Lazy Neo, a.k.a. Yogi Bear, a.k.a @twinaxe:

“Dude, let me tell you some motivational words...

When I am back on my PC

Don't get frustrated, we all had to work our way through obstacles and roadblocks.

And although it may feel very frustrating what you go through I can tell you that it's nothing compared to some stuff I had to deal with.

Stay tuned for some calming words from Yogi Twinaxe“

>> ‘Tis a scary old beast AM, do you see yerself in this here newbie? Clickie here <<

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