Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Shocked – Amy’s Baking THE Sweepstakes 101 Colossal Guide at Over 9000 Degrees

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Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Shocked – Amy’s Baking THE Sweepstakes 101 Colossal Guide at Over 9000 Degrees
Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Shocked – Amy’s Baking THE Sweepstakes 101 Colossal Guide at Over 9000 Degrees

Gordon Ramsay is one savage guy:

“My gran could do better – and she’s dead!”

Hooh boy.

Queue the awkward silence, please.

Those searing burns do hurt a lot, as much as they crack us all up.

(This all has a lot to do with sweepstakes.

Just BEAR with me.)

But y’know what? Those “f%#$ing donkeys” deserve it, in a twisted way.

1) Adults should know better.

They’re old enough.

And supposedly wise enough to know the lamb should not be raw.

This is one of the reasons Gordon is always so kind and caring with kids.

Kids are learning and they have to be making mistakes.

Grown up and experienced chefs on the other hand? Shouldn’t be making anything even remotely resembling a silly mistake.

(Unless it’s one of those extremely rare cases – ”happens to everyone” style)

But hey, if you can’t even make a proper boiled egg in your own damn restaurant you deserve sick burns.

Just copy-paste and search for “Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can't Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell”

Thank me laterz.

2) Adults should grow thicker skin.

Oh but this is so entirely true for all of 2019, the upcoming years and the last few.

We’ve gotten desensitized to gore and ultra-violence but dare someone say something mean to somebody else and all hell breaks loose.

Let’s not even mention that holding your cat the wrong way in a Youtube video can trigger a civil war.

Anywhom, back to ze sweeps.

They’ve been around for a long-long time and are here to stay.

But what do you need to run them?

1) You need to be wise.

Do you think The Zucc and his vicious algo-pitbulls aren’t going to laugh (and ban) at your “click here to take your fancy phone/voucher now!!1” ad copy?

Or running that one sweeps lander on pops that has been running for the past ten thousand years?

Don’t be a donkey.

2) You need to grow thick skin.

The Zucc and his vicious algo-pitbulls are going to hurt you. You are going to see belly-up accounts, red ROIs and your pulled hairs on the floor.

Case in point?

In order to be wise and patient you need a guide through this treacherous jungle.

You need an expert like Gordon Ramsay (except infinitely kinder, caring and more compassionate).

Yup, Vortex is working on an absolutely massive sweepstake 101 guide as we speak.

It should be finished within a week or so.

One where we’ve the usual win-win-win STM scenario.

Let me paste Amy’s words below:

“Since the success of the first "What's Working in Affiliate Marketing" report last year, I've been wanting to come up with more ways to collaborate with industry leaders to achieve a win-win-win, where:

-STM can provide more value to members.

-Members can get more value from their STM subscription.

-Vendors and super-affiliates can get more exposure (and thus more business, or more traffic to their blogs).

Since one of the most popular FAQs of all time is:

"Which vertical should I choose and how can I master it?"

I thought it would be beneficial to write a guide for every popular vertical - starting with the sweepstakes vertical, as it's one of the most popular verticals for newbies and veterans alike.

At first I wanted to write this guide myself.

But because it's been a couple years since I last ran sweeps, I'd have to get back into the vertical and do some massive testing before I'd be able to write a comprehensive guide. That would take too long.

Remembering what we did to produce the "What's Working in Affiliate Marketing in [year]" reports, I got thinking: Why not just interview industry experts and compile all the advice?

That way it'd be fast and efficient, and more importantly, we'd benefit from the diverse experience from different areas of expertise - e.g. aff networks vs. advertiser vs. affiliates, pop/push vs. FB vs. email, etc.

So I set out to contact super-affiliates, affiliate networks, and direct advertisers that have a main/sole focus in this offer vertical, to "get the dirt" on how to maximize success with these offers.

Everyone I've had the honor of interviewing has been most generous with their tips - words can't express how appreciative I am for giving me their time and knowledge. Some of them I hit up multiple times with further questions. And every gold nugget I picked up from an interview made me mega-excited - for you, the reader! The more experts I interviewed, the more eager I was to get this guide written up and delivered to you.”

In a nutshell, here’s what you should do ASAP:

Go to the thread here. Then click “Thread Tools” -> “Subscribe to this thread…”

Speaking of Colossal Guides...Matuloo Wants You to Take All The Pills

Do you remember @matuloo’s upcoming massive adult guides? "How to run adult traffic in 2019"

Yeah, part 2 just arrived and we’re about to enter the Matrix.

You’re staring Morpheus in the face and the next thing you hear is:

“Take both pills, Neo, there’s a lot of reading ahead and you may get a headache.”

Seriously though, this thing is extremely detailed and super well organised as usual.

The topic?

Lesson 2: How to choose your first vertical and offer to promote?

Matej even got a nice affiliate network to spill some of their stats in terms of what’s currently hot worldwide and what’s bringing in the moolah.

In exchange for STM fame, of course.

What follows are juicy, delicious details:

  • The main verticals (meaning anything that you can buy traffic to that has made and is about to make you money)

  • Conversion models (SOI, DOI, revshare, PPS and so on)

  • GEOs (basically Matej tells you what to do and what to avoid at all costs, i.e. some Tier 1 countires are practically impossible to break into unless you’re Matej).

  • Then there’s a Q&A with said affiliate network.

  • Where to get your first offer (you can go either aff network or direct, but which one’s a better choice for a nooberino?)

  • Lastly, an invaluable piece of advice you have to read at least twice.

Pssst...Part 2 is over here, Neo

SPONSORED: Adplexity’s the 007 Of Spy Tools

This week’s adventures have been sponsored by our Adplexity family members.

No one knows how they manage to always stay on top of the competitive intelligence game.

Their ways remain shrouded in mystery.

For the uninitiated, Adplexity is a set of industry-leading competitive intelligence tools that let you keep track of your competition’s most profitable ad campaigns on tons of traffic sources:

  • Mobile

  • Native

  • Desktop

  • Push

  • eCommerce

  • Adult

  • Carriers (more of a tool that lets you use carriers to browse around)

And they have been doing this for a very, very long time.

The speed at which they gather data and launch new products is nothing short of pure Hogwarts magic.

The products have become a standard and a benchmark in the industry – every affiliate and their cat have used Adplexity (or at the very least have heard of it).

Also, if you click below you get a special STM-exclusive discount.

Have fun!

Check out Adplexity’s HQ here and choose your weapon

Tip: How can you glue STM’s massive audience’s eyeballs to your company? You let us tailor your sponsored piece to perfectly match the newsletter that so many read every week.

If you’re an affiliate network, traffic network, a marketing tool of some sort, spy tools, optimization platforms, marketing news providers, education programs or basically anyone looking to show off in front of a massive audience of active affiliate marketers then you should get in touch.

Our doors are open but keep in mind there might be a looong waiting line...

Shoot an email over to and we’ll send you our special offer for you to take a look and we can discuss things further.

Productivity Hacks From Lazy STM Neo’s Arch-Enemy, Agent Smith

Neo and Agent Smith are very much alike, believe it or not.

They’re both determined to rebel against the system.

But it’s how they do it that is the key.

Agent Smith: “Never send a human to do a machine's job.”

This is what we’re getting here from Mr. @lyhras.

Our resident STM Agent Smith.

Lazy Neo’s ways were disorganised and chaotic at best.

Lazy Neo’s allergy to manual labour pushed him to his limits.

Agent Smith’s goal is exactly the same, except his ways are entirely different.

None of these guys wants to work their assess off, that much is clear.

But Agent Smith managed to reduce his workload from 40+ hours a week to less than 5 by using systems.



Templates, Mr. Anderson.

To quote the man himself:

“Almost as soon as I started making money from affiliate marketing, I started building systems around it.

  1. Because I work better with frameworks and templates myself
  2. It assures a consistent quality of output
  3. It makes the entire operation more scaleable in the long run

Today, my entire business is built around systems and processes. Both through manual labor (done by others), but also through automation. “


“I'd love to share some of my tricks with you, to decrease your own workload. Even though we all work with different traffic sources and verticals, many of the concepts can be applied across the board.”

“These posts will go over:

  • How I set up my tasks for the day, so I actually get stuff done (no shit, my productivity skyrocketed after I started doing this)

  • How I easily get my employees introduced to, and started on new tasks (by making them create their own SOPs)

  • Which questions I've asked when interviewing VA's to vet out bad hires (there's nothing worse than hiring someone, only to fire them again 3 days later... Been there)

  • How I easily manage all my ad accounts (with a handful of neat Google Sheets tricks)”

Oh yeah, the first part just got linked in the thread just last night.

It’s titled “How I DESTROY My Todo-list Every Single Day”.

Let me just leave another quote from there:

“Since I started implementing this system, I've been 10x more efficient every day. I RARELY get into slumps, because this system works around them.”

Perhaps we’ll cover it in detail in the next issue, fellas.

Or you can just go in right now and check it out

List Building on Native May Have Light at the End of the Tunnel


I'm looking to build an email list in the weight loss space, and I've been considering using native ads.

(I'd go for Facebook but they're very unstable these days with account bans and all, particularly anything to do with weight loss. So I'm looking at more friendly places that have high volume and good quality traffic.)“

“Have you tried list building using native ads?”

We all know what happens with seemingly innocent and simple questions on STM.

They turn into massive novels.

This one bloomed into a beautiful piece of a thread.

@thedudeabides, Kelly, our resident mod and native expert mentioned in the “What’s Working in 2019” guide that he’s turning towards building lead capture funnels.

Our thread starter, @summitview, just asked him whether he’s made any headway.

You can guess what follows.

I’ll give you the low-down:

  • @jack_l jumped in saying that it is possible to build lists, you just have to know the traffic sources better than you know the back of your hand.

  • You need tight, relevant targeting at all times. But you can gradually increase the borders.

  • @thedudeabides “Got most things figured out, but profits from email is still a lot lower than I'd like to see, working on testing longer sequences. Should have a better handle on that in a month or two.”

  • There’s quzz ideas, segementation or just doing it the simplest way.

Among many other things.

As @jack_l said: “Yes... it's a fascinating topic isn't it? All questions I've pondered over myself ”.

It’s also fascinating what this thread turned out to be.

You Owe Amy a Thank You – Freshly Baked Sweep Landers Up For Grabs

Not only are you getting a what is an invaluable sweepstake guide (that can easily be sold for high 5-figures) but you’re also getting all the sweep landers.

If this isn’t babysitting I don’t know what is.

Another win added to the win-win-win scenario from above.

On a quick glance there are about 4 batches with at least 20-30 landers each.

This is all in Amy’s latest Landing Page Depository.

Thoughtfully updated with clean and ready-to-go sweep landers to aid your lazy affiliate bum with the sweeps guide.

The least you can do is show your gratitude.

The things we do for our STM family

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