[ECOM WORLD VID] How To Start Selling On ETSY (Andrew Erickson)

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[ECOM WORLD VID] How To Start Selling On ETSY (Andrew Erickson)

No, there’s no media buying involved.

You won’t be spending those hard-earned dollarydoos.

Well, you can spend a few (Etsy’s got ‘Etsy Ads’ – ads? Hardly. Just set a daily budget and choose your listings…done.)

“But, Yours Truly, I don’t have any hand-made products, what the F can I sell on Etsy?”

You think I’d have you look at Etsy if that was the case?


Mass produced products. (you have my interest).

Products with a ‘new’ design (now you have my attention).

Products from China. (I like this one even better).

Products from a ‘machine’ (Even sweeter).

Print on demand (hello aloha).

Oh, you can sell digital things too.

The best part?

Etsy buyers are gullible and ONLY throw 5-star reviews at you.

Look at this:

Matuloo’s broken this down in here.

And I suggest ye watch this Ecom World Video…

It’s exclusive and free for the STM affiliate master-race.

Yer welcome.

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A Newbie’s Entire Ugly Disclousure…

Let me paste this in:

“Firstly, in short, my adspend is about 275$ across pop/push and across PopAds and PropellerAds. My revenue is <1$ (0.50$ of it was actually from a conversion I submitted myself )”.

Seems odd, doesn’t it?

If only every single newbie ever did this STM would be an even better place.

This brave newbie submitted, in great detail, exactly what they have done, tried, and how they’ve failed.

Traffic Source
* PopAds
* PropellerAds (adspend was split equally between both) 

Affiliate Network
* Haka
* Mobipium
* Zeydoo
* CreativeClicks (stopped using as I learned that pop and push convert better on low barrier-to-entry offers like Sweepstakes, SOI etc.) 

* Adplexity Pop
* Adplexity Push (currently using this to source landers and push creatives)
* Amazon AWS CDN for landers 

* Binom (stopped using due to loading speeds being insanely slow, even after troubleshooting with @vortex)
* FunnelFlux (current)

* Malaysia
* Indonesia
* Thailand
* Brazil

Offer Types
* Mobipium smartlink
* Mobipium SOI content carrier downloads
* Mobipium DOI content carrier downloads
* Haka garbage virus / captcha offers
* Zeydoo Iphone giveaway (see previous thread with help from @larsometer and @vortex“

Plus screenshots and all:

@memory thought of moving away from the current traffic source.

And on to different offers.

And different GEOs.

But wait.

Scroll down and you see how one Lazy Neo (@twinaxe) hops in to rescue this drowning newbie.

He breaks down exactly why @memory failed to get more than $0.50 in revenue out of $275 spent.

And once you look into it, it’s no wonder…

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In fact, there’s only one.

It’s been reviewed by @matuloo some time ago.

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Have ye found any new ones?

Or any good ones?

Let us know by posting in the thread down here.

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