🌴Do You Want $100k "Summer" Washingtons? 🚀20% Signup Bonus on Pushground

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🌴Do You Want $100k "Summer" Washingtons? 🚀20% Signup Bonus on Pushground

🌴Do You Want $100k "Summer" Washingtons?

Of course ye do. Who’d say no?

Listen, there are certain things that hold true in life.

_For one_, $100k Washingtons are not chump change in anybody’s dusty affiliate books.

_For two_, in the midst of a global pandemic, dystopian sci-fi-like riots...during a pandemic, STM’s humming along and purring like a kitten.

So is the entire AM industry.

It’s all a bit weird, no?

Ah yes, furthermore _for three_, the industry’s humming along so well that people are even giving away buckets of cash.

Basically, Fluent’s previous “March Madness” contest say the least, banging results:

“Gold - $344,970 and 144% growth (@telesto job well done!)

Silver - $419,300 and 264% growth

Bronze - $173,933 and 2,227% growth

New Bucket - $105,284 and 100% growth”

Damn @telesto donate some coffee money to Yours Truly.

So they’re doing another contest.

Tell me, what better way to spend yer quarantine than winning an STM contest?

There be more, hol’ up:

This is $100k Washingtons total - so if yer one of our lazier affiliates ye still get to stuff green ones in yer pockets.

Case in point?



Run date: June 2020 (June 1st – June 30th)

Details? In here.

Go get em tiger.

Also, yer welcome...

Yet again.

>> Slap yerself awake, dust off those chips crumbs of yer belly, blow the dust away off yer quarantine keyboard and go join this here contest <<

Native ads now even easier with Pushground [20% signup bonus]

Native Ads will account for 74% of US display ad revenue by 2021, according to an estimate by the business insider. That’s no surprise when you see that users (especially Gen X, Gen Z, and millennials pay 53% more attention to native ads compared to regular banner ads.

That is why Pushground has decided to launch this proven format. You can continue to scale your performance on the same trusted network with Push Ads, In-page Push, and now, Native ads.

To help you further here are a few secrets to success to running native and push ads.

  • Automatize! Using features like Pushground’s automatic rules, you can easily set up auto-optimization for all your campaigns saving you valuable time and allowing you to successfully manage more campaigns at once.

  • Copywrite: Use emotion to bring your ads to the next level. Test angles that are about the deeper reason behind your offer or product. Taking example a financial offer, don’t just write about the money you can save but instead about what you can do with that extra money.

  • Use predefined whitelists: Always test new campaigns on predefined whitelists before scaling. Pushground makes this easy by providing predefined “to start” whitelist and a “to scale” whitelist of their best performing placements by vertical.

  • High Bid Low Budget: Because of the competitiveness of the native market, you may not get the most valuable impressions if you start with too low of a bid. Always test new campaigns with above-average CPMs.

With the global COVID-19 situation starting to normalize and quarantines starting to end, take advantage of the current traffic prices to be ahead of the curve as businesses start to bounce back.

Don’t forget Pushground offers a 20% bonus to all new signups coming from STM.

Register here and talk to an account manager today.

Don’t miss Jaybot’s latest push ads case study with Pushground here.

>>

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of STM

“How I makeh money naw?”

Or, allow me to translate:

This is how you “become successful” on STM.

In a nutshell, this is a valuable lesson.

So listen carefully.

One we’d like to pass along to any nooblets out there, hiding in the damp shadows of STM, afraid to write a single word.

You want to be “The Good”.

Ye don’t want to be “The Bad”.

Ye definitely don’t want to be “The Ugly”.

If you’re going for “The Ugly” go on the Warriorforum or some such sad place.

(Shoutout to @jack_l for the newsletter material)

Or, the 3 types of affiliates:

The good:

Hey Matuloo/Vortex/Forum - excited to be on here this is great! My name is ______ and I'm from _____. My experience is in ______, _______, and ______.

I'm going to be focusing on _____ traffic source and am 100% determined to work hard and make it work!

I've been reading all the old threads on it and learned a ton!

I'm gonna start a follow-along but in the meantime, could anyone help me with this one confusing thing?

How do I ___________?

Thanks for all the help!

The Bad:

Hi Matauloo/Vortex/Forum - I am __________ how do I make big profit in affiliate marketing please help.

The Ugly:

Hi Matuloo/Vortex/Forum - this is ________.

I need you to tell me 3 offers I can run where I can make a guaranteed 500$ a day profit.

My rep at XYZ Affiliate Network recommended this offer with a 45$ payout that he said was good - I spent 50$ running it and didn't make a SINGLE SALE. The affiliate rep was obviously scamming me. I told him to f*ck off! Am never using that network again!

And then my stupid traffic rep won't respond to my emails. My campaign overspent by $9.72 and I've sent her 10 emails demanding a refund and she still hasn't written back.

Plus they keep giving me crap about my links - but how am I supposed to afford a tracker when their traffic isn't giving me any profits? I think that network is a scam.

Please send that list of offers that can give me guaranteed profits along with a list of what traffic networks to run them on and a blacklist and whitelist for each- broken down alphabetically- to by 5 pm tonight.


(Here’s a prime example of “The Bad”, btw:

>> Be a good boy or girl, go here and subscribe to this here thread, and thank @jaybot <<

Can The Zucc Gargle Your Spinal Fluid for Dessert? Charles Ngo Says Yep.

It’s no wonder FB accounts keep getting banned.

When you endorse your military pet shampoo by Miley Cyrus’ half-assed dog, without asking Miley Cyrus, Zucc gets to enjoy your spinal fluid.

Or - one STMer asks if you can get in trouble simply for being an affiliate?

Thread quoted:

Can affiliate marketers be held accountable for the products they promote?

If a given product runs into legal issues and a user sues the product owner for any damages the product caused, can we as affiliates be held accountable for promoting the product?“

Well, what do you think?

Lookie what a surprise visit from an affiliate titan brought us.

Endorsed by Dr. Ngo:

“100% yes.

  1. John Chow has a judgement against him for $3.5 million for being an affiliate of MOBE. Other MOBE affiliates were sued as well.

  2. Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degeneres sued 100+ different affiliate marketers for falsifying their endorsement of affiliate products

  3. More affiliates being sued for being affiliates of health and beauty products

But that’s entirely beside the main point of this here piece.

Oh no, my friend.

What this means is there’s one common culprit.

Many affilianados are responsible for this, in fact.

In fact, it’s everywhere, and everyone thinks they can just hum along, banking quietly.

I suggest and advise ye take a look inside to see what got John Chrow a $3.5 mil judgement so you don’t have to pay the same fines.

As per usual, @Matuloo clears this up right away.

>> Better safe than sorry… listen to Matuloo and Dr. Ngo, go here and see what you should NOT be doing <<

The Optimizer vs Voluum Automizer - Place Yer Bets

The Optimizer has been around for a looooong time.

So long, in fact, that everybody knows these guys.

A reliable, feature-dripping automation gadget ye want in yer back pocket at all times.

But then there’s Voluum Atomizer - a newcomer.

@Voluum rang @Jaybot and he revealed some comparisons between these 2 bad boys.

But then Lazy Neo fell from the sky - broke through the matrix and delivered a thorough, incredibly detailed overview of The Optimizer.

The winner?

>> See inside <<

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