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I know I know, another post on a course/online education. But this one came out of nowhere, and is not one you should ignore. This course is about scaling. Not just campaigns -- but your business itself. You should *treat your internet marketing efforts as a business, and you *should *be thinking of how to scale that business effectively. Check  this out - http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/exed/landing/mooc090814.htmlCourse Dates: September 15, 2014 - October 19, 2014 Register By: September 12, 2014*  

Scaling Up Your Venture Without Screwing Up

In this free five-week course, participants learn essential scaling concepts and principles, how the best leaders shift their focus as a team or organization expands, and when (and how) to change company culture, structure, and strategy as scaling unfolds. Stanford’s course production team has created a fast-paced, fun online experience. The course features brief, punchy lectures from Rao and Sutton on what they learned from their eight years of research on what it takes to scale up without screwing up. These lessons are brought to life with wise advice and insightful stories from a cast of scaling stars who were interviewed just for the course: - Hearsay Social cofounder Clara Shih explains how her team sustained and spread their culture as the company grew from two founders in 2010 to 150 employees in nine locations in 2014. - Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta of Pulse News describe the professional and personal challenges they faced after earning some $300,000 from an iPad app they wrote for a class project, turning it into a company with some 25 employees, and ultimately selling their venture to LinkedIn for $90 million in 2013. - Onyx Pharmaceuticals’ former CEO Anthony Coles and HR head Kaye Foster-Cheek outline how their team led the strategic and cultural transformation of a staid startup with “half a product” into an innovation powerhouse with multiple blockbuster cancer drugs, which Amgen bought for $10.4 billion in 2013. - Serial investor Michael Dearing explains essential lessons he has gleaned from helping to fund, launch, and scale more than 80 tiny companies since 2006. Dearing has personally screened more than 4,000 start-up teams over the years. - Ben Horowitz, cofounder of influential venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, considers crucial scaling obstacles. And he performs the rap song “Get Big” just for fun.

  Participants apply what they learn in multimedia case studies, team-based exercises, and a final project where they build a plan for overcoming scaling challenges that vex every venture. Selected scaling plans will be showcased in a live webinar with Rao and Sutton at the end of the course. Even if you don't attend in full, or are not so serious about the prospects of a future (large) business, you should register for this course anyway. It is not so often that you encounter FREE courses with such relevant, potent curriculum jam-packed with input from very successful people and entrepreneurs! TL;DR: Sign up for this course and thank me later.

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