😿 Dem TikTok Ads Ain’t Tracking Well

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TikTok Ads + JB Offers = No Conversions

Behold as one man’s tracking troubles become another man’s fixes.

First, drop this here thread in yer bookmarks.

And subscribe.

And thank everyone in there.

Second, there’s a priceless tracking lesson up in this dawg.

@marnix cracks things off with some TikTok tracking troubles:

“Problem is with $60 spend so far, still no ATC's... Usually I am seeing an average cost per ATC of $5 or something.

ATC should be included in tracking, as seen below:

So it shouldn't be a tracking mistake. Creatives are also solid - based on average watch time and likes, etc. “

@stungads then jumps in trying to untangle this TikTok tracking mystery.

Dissecting log after log and code line after code line, things seemed to tangle up even more.

And while he was on the right path, there’s one critical mistake.

Then a wild @jaybot appears out of nowhere and solves things real quick.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Fix All Yer Tracking Woes Here

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Speaking of Tracking–Listen to Amy

On that same terrifying subject of tracking…

Hop into Amy’s tracking tutorial:

Day 9: b)Verifying Tracking Etc.

This here lesson’s aim?

To verify all yer tracking links work correctly.

To see if traffic’s going to the right offers.

To check yer postback.

Stating a campaign journal.

And many, many other priceless digital jewelries.

👉👉👉 Go Here Now, Learn To Check Yer Links

The Latest Batch of STM Fledglings

Here be the latest batch of STM zerg…fledglings.

@asylbek @tereshchenkodm
@mandrew @asocks
@epn network @spruce
@kingfin @anewbiefriend
@oscaryoung @alexsaw
@idsg12 @a_hall

Here’s where ye should go on the forums, as Amy has pointed out:

1) New Members Onboarding

2) Introduce Yourself

3) Hit Up The Newbie Zone

4) Check The Forum Rules

5) If You’re A Network, Go Here

Welcome aboard.

👉👉 Go Give Em A Warm Welcome

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