Deadman’s Chest of STM Landers

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Deadman’s Chest of STM Landers
Deadman’s Chest of STM Landers

Listen ‘ere ye landlubbers!

Here be gold.

One of our most treasured mods, Vortex, just dropped this piece of mega-news on our fellow shipmates.

Ya’ll have heard of STM’s legendary generosity that only happens to be overshadowed by our win-win-win mentality.

Ya know, pirates are true innovators.

They were one of the first.

And they always have been.

Don’t believe me?

Then do yourself a favor and read “Be More Pirate” by Sam Conniff Allende.

Basically, pirates had a better “corporate structure” than 99% of today’s companies.

They innovated work related accident reimbursements – i.e. If you lost an eye or a leg you get a few extra pieces of eight (I forgot the exact number).

They invented the first true democracy.

They challenged the status quo and won.

A lot to be learned from that little book.

But I digress.

Just go read that book.

STM now has what’s called “The STM Landing Page Depository”.

Basically, after the massive success of the “What’s Working in 2019” we’ve had our eyes set on win-win-win-win-win scenarios.

Let me quote @vortex below:

“-STM can provide more value to members.

-Members can get more value from their STM subscription.

-Vendors and super-affiliates can get more exposure (and thus more business, or more traffic to their blogs).

Quite a few projects have resulted from that inspiration since then, including:

-The Affiliate Network Application Tool, which allows members to apply to up to 20 affiliate networks (and growing!) by filling out a single application form.

-The Affiliate Contacts Directory, which contains contact info of representatives from a variety of vendors (affiliate networks, traffic networks etc.), along with info on vendor (traffic/offer types, and applicant requirements).

-The "STM Member Discounts" subforum, where we're continuously reaching out to vendors to arrange special deals for STM members. (Where savings can offset a part of or even your ENTIRE STM membership fee!)

Recently, we came up with yet another idea: Since affiliates almost always start their testing using the most-popular landing pages, and since STM has such a close relationship with Adplexity, why don't we provide some landers to members for free every month?

Moreover, we could FIX THEM UP so they'd be ready to run (after you replace the outgoing links with your tracker click url of course)!”

In a nutshell, you lazy affiliate bastards are going to get 100+ hand-picked landers each and every month on behalf of STM and our Adplexity brothers and sisters.

These are all going to be all cleaned up and ready to fire.

Only the most popular landers in each requested vertical/niche (chosen by you, more detaileroos in the thread).

This way the following win-win-win scenario occurs:
- Shoestring budget newbies get an easy headstart without the need for an Adplexity sub.
- All affiliates get their lazy prayers answered and receive clean and ready to run landers
- STM’s retention rate goes up, because value.
- Adplexity gets more exposure as direct sponsors and bros.


Get your wins here

Pr0nhub-style “Hand-in-Pants” Psychology Exposed

What lies deep down inside every pr0n browsing addict’s mind?

Have you ever wondered why the top ad spots have always been dominated by dating, enhancement and pickup artists instead of...other adult sites?

It boils down to physics.

Or rather fundamental practices.

If you know how physics works, you know what your limits are, say, if you wanna construct a building and you don’t want it to fall apart.

But you also know the freedom you have set within those limits and you’d know why your tests have failed.

It’s the same thing when it comes to marketing to horny gentlemen.

The marketing fundamentals are the same 100% of the time.

You have to understand the audience’s motivations and exactly where their mind’s at.

Once you know that, you know why dating, enhancement and pick artists work the best.

You give people choices.

What I’m trying to say is you should jump in and read @sarcher’s revealing post (no pun intended) to get a better grasp of WHY things work in the adult dating world.

This guy has been generating between 200 and 1000 adult leads a day for many, many years and he has become one with the tube sites.

Deep thoughts here

Zucc’s Official Logic On Your Under-delivering Ads

The newest addition to our mod team, @FaceOnAsia, a wicked-smart FB expert just shared this official Zucc infographic with us.

Simple as that plus a few tips:

1.All cases vary from each other. Think critically and do your experiments.
2. FB is ever-changing platform. Follow the news and talk to experts.
3. This may look basic to many but 90% of issues are due to basic mistakes. A sound understanding on basics is always a must.

This is straight from FB’s internal 2019 training, btw.

Yes/No logic, pretty graphics and even an FB copyright symbol ©.

Zucc Logic in Picture Format Here

Amy Builds A New Google Search Engine

Speaking of @vortex and speaking of win-win-win stuff and STM retention rates, how ‘bout this:

Amy just basically built a search engine. (powered by Google of course)

Said search engine allows you to easily grab images for your ads from your favourite image sites.

Nice and quick.

No annoying G search results.

No annoying ads being run 24/7 by your fellow STMers.

No ranking attempts.

Just pure, direct results.

Results you need to run your camps.

Also, as an added win-win bonus, Amy shows you how to make your own search engine in 5 steps.

There’s a nifty Chrome plugin involved.

There’s other trickery involved.

On top of that you need to be careful with TOSs of your favourite sites.

STM-Powered Search Engine Tutorial Here

Czech Beer & Affiliate Marketing

Aiding our AffJobs brothers and sisters again.

How about sipping amazing Czech beer and being an affiliate manager at the same time?

That’s what ConvertingAds are trying to relay here fellas.

Let me paste in the most importante parts:

Job description:
- Actively searching for new affiliate partners and negotiating with them
- Motivating partners to cooperate with us
- Evaluating current campaign
- Online, telephone and personal communication with customers around the World
- Help partners set up and optimize their online campaigns
- Travelling to the conferences, where he/she will be meeting affiliate partners face to face

- Excellent knowledge of English is must - daily communication
- Great social and communication skills
- Businesslike mindset and a passion for communication - people person
- To have "closing-deals" skills
- Nature talent to plan and manage
- Be responsible and independent
- Knowledge of online marketing- being able to create and run an online campaign (Affiliate marketing experience is a big bonus)
- Results oriented and self-motivated
- Must have valid working visa in the Czech Republic
- Must be able to come for F2F interview

- Fixed salary and uncapped commission – The sky is the limit!
- Training in internet marketing
- Modern offices in the heart of Prague
- Team-building initiatives and ‘corporate’ parties - we always celebrate our successes together.

There’s something sweet sounding when you hear “uncapped commission”.

And “parties”.

Czeck out this AM job here

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