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Deadly STM Pay Per Call FB Spells Lurk Below

What’s this?

Yet another seemingly innocent thread.

Look at this:

“Hi guys, which facebook attribution window setting is good for pay per call offers conversion. Should I make it default or manual? Any expert here guys?”

Ye’d think a quick reply or two and it’s /thread.

But nay.

This STM.

Innocent replies quickly spiral into a gem ye need to tuck into yer bookmarks.

And tuck it up high.

Here, lemme get you the starter:

“I see a lot of questions about PPC on Facebook right now and they all seem to be missing the forest for the trees.

The magic isn't in the minutiae, it is in the offer and the creatives. Finding a good buyer is a vastly more productive task than worrying about attribution settings, image vs video, targeting (broad, the answer is always broad), etc.”

If you’re wondering why your pay per call campaigns get 100% ROI one day…

Only to get to -60% the next…

You need the desert.

And that, my friend, ye shall find inside.

Yer welcome.

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[SPONSORED] What’s the Best Vertical to Run in Year 2023?

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🔥 SMS-Sender service: Lets you send 4000 free SMS messages per month to potential leads. Just enter the number and the text message and hit send!

🔥 Showcase builder: Can increase your CR by up to 30%! We have full history on each borrower, and will customize the offers we show to each person.

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🔥 API Integration

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1922 Ranking Factors on Yandex, They’re All Yours


Yandex’ entire source code has been leaked.


Maybe ye can see it inside.

Maybe not.

But I’ll be damned if 1922 ranking factors ain’t a lot.

Here’s the better news tho…

Yandex’ code has been written by ex-Google employees.

Is it time we all switched to SEO?

You be the judge.

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Sky Diving in Dubai With STMers – Got The Balls?

Your boy @Rhino needs backup.

“This is kind of unusual request.

But whenever i go to Dubai, i like to go for sky diving. One of my friends who was supposed to come with me, chickened out at the last moment. So, i am all by myself. I don't want to jump off the plane alone. Does anyone(from stm) wants to join me? We can do it 1-2 days before or after the AW Dubai event.”

Us affiliates are known to have massive, heavy risk-taking balls.

For the digital space–at least.

But have ye got the balls to sky dive with STMers in Dubai?

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