Day 13: 💲💲/Day, Day 14: (Almost) 💲💲💲/day 🎁 Supremedia Comes Bearing Gifts!

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Day 13: 💲💲/Day, Day 14: (Almost) 💲💲💲/day 🎁 Supremedia Comes Bearing Gifts!
Day 13: 💲💲/Day, Day 14: (Almost) 💲💲💲/day

@offshore’s follow along officially took off on Day 13.

It took solid preparation and networking.

@offshore received tips from our resident native expert @jack_l, read through @vortex’s native guide, and he made solid to-do lists.

Which he followed through to the last item.

Additionally – tools like TheOptimizer and LanderLab made things a real walk in the park.

Obvious results followed:

^That’s $155 cost and $194 revenue.

And this:

Is $677 cost and $762 revenue.

What you want to check though, is the major hurdle @offshore had to overcome on day 8 - this is exactly how he got profitable on days 13 and 14.

Things were looking dreary, to say the least:

“Pretty much just frustrated at this pointed and unsure what to do.”

>> Go see exactly how @offshore overcame his frustration and got profitable <<

[SPONSORED] Supremedia Comes Bearing Gifts!

Media500 has been rebranded to Supremedia!

We’re still the same awesome people! All that’s changed is we’ve made improvements that will help our affiliates make more money.

For example, we’re moving to a more advanced tracking system called EverFlow. Many weeks of testing has proven that EverFlow brings higher conversion rates compared to HasOffers.


And to celebrate our rebranding, we’ve prepared 5 incredible gifts for you:

Gift #1: Free 1-on-1 session with the one and only FBQueen, Christina Szekeres (a $3000 value to one lucky winner!)

Gift #2: Access to all of Media500’s cross-promo discount deals – for Traffic Sources, Spy Tools, and Forums!

Gift #3: Send 10 FTDs from ANY tier1 geos, and get 1 free!

Gift #4: Access to a free case study from iAmAttila on how to use the new state-of-the-art Facebook spy tool VISTO!

Gift #5: HUGE discounts on Banners&Landers services:

• #1 – Hand-Built Wordpress Safe Sites with Unique Content 50 Safe Sites - $50/ea; 100 Safe Sites - $40/ea; 250+ Safe Sites - $30/ea

• #2 - Turnkey Ecom Product Advertorial, Offer Page on WP, and Checkout Page Design Regular price: $1899, now only $1399 ($500 off!)

• #3 - Custom Angle Writing & Advertorial Speed Optimized Design Now only $399 each ($101 off!)

• To order, add them on telegram: @bannerslanders or skype: bannerslanders and mention Supremedia.

Sign Up with SUPREMEDIA + Ask About These Gifts!

(Also, Supremedia is excited to be sponsoring the following events: . Conversion Club Live Awards – October 2nd . Affiliate Virtual Summit – October 13-14th)

Secret Multi-GEO Sweepstakes Case Study ($10,000 Profit)

“I will explain in great detail how I managed to generate over $10,000 USD of profit last year (2019) in a campaign that is still generating amazing ROI today!“

Go check out this extremely detailed pops case study by @affiliatecase.

Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes

Payout: $20

GEO: Multiple

Affiliate Network: Clickdealer

Traffic Network: PropellerAds, Adsterra, AdCash

Traffic Type: POP/PPV


“This is going to be probably my biggest affiliate marketing case study ever. I will explain in great detail how I managed to generate over $10,000 USD of profit last year (2019) in a campaign that is still generating amazing ROI today!”

Pops seem to be alive and kicking, as confirmed by @twinaxe.

The best part about this case study is that it’s done with the least expected and often neglected offer type – an international sweeps offer.

>> Go borrow some ideas from the full detailed case study here <<

How Do You Squeeze Maximum Benefit From Your STM Sub?

A great question by a new member.

So how DO you get the most of your STM membership?

Quotes below:


“Short reply:

First learn the basics of tracking and running campaigns, then rather focus on getting something specific running instead of trying to read and learn about everything.

Long reply: (see inside)”


“Analysis paralysis.

If you’re that experienced, you’ll be sorta successful no matter what you pick first. So just choose randomly.

You’ll get more feedback in a follow along on push/pops/native/FB if you start running some actual camps and have a FA for people to give advice on.

In order of actual feedback amount and frequency:

You’ll get much more feedback on push (twinaxe, Erik, and half the forum)

Then pops (twinaxe, diplomat, vortex, and the other half of the forum)

Then Native (jack_i and thedudeabides are great!).

Then FB”

>> Check the full thread here <<

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