Current Landscape of Those Single Ladies Near You in 2019

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Current Landscape of Those Single Ladies Near You in 2019
Current Landscape of Those Single Ladies Near You in 2019

Do you think advertising burgers on Pr0nhub is a good idea?

Neither did I but lookie here:

Who would’ve thought people get hungry while browsing naughty videos?

And it paid off for these Eat24 guys too, big time. They even reported higher average order values than their usual. The saddest part of the above case study is they couldn’t get that chimp banner approved.


Anywhom, point here is that adult traffic is very much alive and kicking.

It’s not going anywhere as long as the internet exists.

All the modern ad systems like Zuckerbook and Adwords come from the depths of horny users browsing super naughty videos on adult websites back in the day.

These guys had to innovate fast and they did, and everybody else followed suit trying to catch up with their advanced tech.

Which gets us to the next point:

Legendary STM veteran and mod Matej “matuloo” Cechvala just posted an enormous article of a series of posts about adult traffic.

This one is specifically about the adult marketing landscape in 2019 and future predictions.

It’s literally A-Z:

  • What’s adult traffic

  • Where to buy it

  • What’s happening in 2019

  • The biggest and smallest traffic sources

  • What to sell to this traffic you just bought

  • Insider tips and tricks you can only get by being an advertiser for over 15 years (like, do you know why Pr0nhub’s clicks aren’t converting? Because they sell their best traffic/inventory privately to a few companies they love and then they give it to the rest of us.)

  • VR being a hot vertical

  • Interactive games

  • Insert every other offer type here along with detailed descriptions of its current status

It’s extremely detailed and lengthy as Matej put it himself:

Oki dokie, this thread kinda grew a bit longer than I planned initially.

2019 Landscape Right Here

The Russian Way of Running Push Camps

MrBraun, our resident push and pop expert moderator just dropped this bomb.

It’s a super easy way to run stuff on push traffic.

Unfortunately we can’t show any of it publicly.

You think this is a charity of some sort?

Conversions and green ROIs are the name of the game and we keep it all private and safe inside STM.

What I can tell you is that it’s so dead simple yet explained in intricate detail.

Hint: The unique angle MrBraun runs his ads with can just roll with a super low bid all day long and rake in profits for months on end without seeing any dead campaigns.

Cons: it doesn’t work in every GEO - you’d have to test. And the conversion rates can be lower, but this is offset by lower bids.

In the end, your ROI remains the same as running more aggresively but it’s just a lot more stable and scalable.

Easy Russian Push Camps Here

The Lazy STM Neo’s Manual Spying Vacation

Surely you remember our lazy STM Neo, twinaxe, and his lethargic ways of casually running ten thousand offers at once without lifting a single finger?

Yeah he’s back again.

The epitome of a lazy affiliate.

As it turns out his laziness levels have increased to an all-time high.

He’s now too lazy to use an advanced intelligence tool such as the industry leading Adplexity probably because he may have to grab the mouse, keyboard and then gasp have to enter his login details and use his mouse scroll to see ads and campaigns.

Weird paradox coming up:

Manual spying is actually more difficult. You’d have to make a few more clicks here and there and our Neo shows you how to do it step by step.

Whether he does all of this by himself or he’s hired a bunch of VAs feeding him grapes and clicking for him we’re not sure but this is gold.

He says he’s found some landers by manually spying which are nowhere to be found on Adplexity.



User Agent Switcher


Open in Multiple locations

Below that you’ll see his detailed explanation of what to do and what not to do, step by step.

Twinaxe was even willing to shows us all mercy and included 1 screenshot in there too.

Red pill here

Which VPN Can Save You From NSA’s Prying Eyes or Advanced Cloakers?

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about VPNs on STM.

But a member just asked which ones are hawt nowadays.

Popular answers include ExpressVPN, Nord, HMA and a few others.

But it really depends on what you’re after - personal privacy or spying on campaigns.

Or Netflix.

There are quite a few answers in the thread with revealing info.

Don’t worry the NSA’s not watching right now, you can take a dive.

VPNs Hot Off The Press Here

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