✂️ Curb Your Chargeback

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✂️ Curb Your Chargeback
✂️ Curb Your Chargebacks

Often times ye want to hop over to Stripe’s (or any other payment processor’s) offices, smash a window with one of their desks, grab their best coffee machine, give ‘em the middle, and then jump out that very same window.

Often times payment processors don’t care whether a chargeback’s fraudulent or not. It’s all your fault, dude, and ye better fix it ASAP or it’s bye-bye account.

@leewyhertlein feels the exact same way. He asks whether using a VCCs to make orders in bulk for your own store is a good idea – to try and bump down that chargeback rate.

Well, turns out it isn’t even Stripe’s fault. More on that inside.

And, as @vortex, @jeremie and @iwanttofly reveal, there may be a way or two to reduce chargebacks (without VCCs and getting in trouble for buying your own stuff).

@vortex even knows how to do just that first hand.

>> Chargeback elimination tactics right here, go <<

Is this...Hope in Jaybot Land? $XXX Green

Lookie here:

@jaybot’s native shenanigans have proven fruitful.

“Was XXX Green. That's probably a milestone.” - @jaybot

“It seems like things are finally getting tamed.” - also @jaybot

Plus, his Todo list, most important bits highlighted:

-Stop losing money.

-Test different headline and subheadings on LPs.

-Create visual clickbait on purpose with high CTR low CPC

-Add a modal exit intent script for desktop (anyone have a copy-paste for that already?)

-Start rotating ad images (on purpose) every 2-3 weeks

-Automatically adjust bids based on best converting times

-Make money.

>> Follow the @jaybot here <<

Dating + Push Traffic = Quality Issues?

From the depths of Lazy Neo’s mind, @twinaxe reveals the truth about mixing up push traffic with dating offers why that’s a bad idea.

The problem’s not that dating doesn’t convert on push – on the contrary.

Why then is it a bad idea?

Because everyone has to make money, not just your average affiliate but the offer owners too.

So even if that pretty offer converts like hotcakes, ye better think twice and ping your AM to check up on the advertiser’s happiness levels.

For a deep dive go follow @twinaxe’s trails here and be sure to check his experiment too.

>> Full in-depth guide + experiment inside <<

Steal STM’s Solar Offers

@iwanttofly asks: “Who has awesome solar or other home offers?”

Where else do you think on the world wide web would ye get a response?

Only on STM, of course.

@jack_l, @jaybot, @bhal07 and others reveal what’s currently working and recommend a few offers and networks to roll with.

The best part?

Yours truly takes all the credit.

Yer welcome.

>> Get yer solar offers right here <<

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