📁 Cheapo 500k Click/day Server

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📁 Cheapo 500k Click/day Server
Get Easy & Affordable 500k Click Servers Up ASAP

Basically, not a single STM soul enjoys the server side of AM.

The technical aspect is a major pain for the majority of affiliates.

It’s true even for many AM veterans.



Why would ye spend yer hours knee-deep in terminals, Red Bull after Red Bull, when you could be Mega-Chad-ing your campaigns?


That’s where Lazy Neo, a.k.a. @twinaxe comes in and saves us all the suffering so we can keep our campaigns humming along.

“Today I will show you an easy and affordable way to set up a good infrastructure to use.

In this tutorial we cover:

  • The server

  • CDN

  • DNS

  • Domains and SSL certificates

This tutorial is more for beginners and exactly the way I describe it will work for up to 500k clicks per day, that has to do with the server configuration we use for it but 500k clicks per day should be enough in the beginning and keep you busy for some time”

That’s 500k clicks per day.

So easy even yours truly can do it. For real.

>> Go get yer servers setup and give @twinaxe a thanks <<

[SPONSORED] Running on FB or Tiktok? How Does $7 EPC Sound?

ADeer is a leading CPA network specializing in multiple verticals including Nutra, CC Sweeps, Ecom, and more.

ADeer offers:

  • Exclusive in-house offers in Nutra / CC sweeps / Ecom

  • Top performing geos include: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany

  • Average EPC for the top 5 offers is $7!

  • FB VCC (virtual credit card) solution, a.k.a. ADeer Pay, for FB/Tiktok advertising spending, with competitive rates

Weekly payouts!

Sign Up to ADeer now to access the hottest offers.

*Special Offer for STM Subscribers:*

Make $1000 in revenue with ADeer, and we’ll gift you with a free $100 deposit via our FB VCC, ADeer Pay! You can spend this on your FB/Tiktok camps!

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How to Find Offers The Easy Way?

“Im doing some good ole spying on the tools and see certain offers being run pretty heavily. Is there an easy way to find out what networks have these offers? Aside from just asking our AMs if they have the offer.”

@alexdl91 asks.

The short answer? No.

The long answer?

@twinaxe says it’s never as simple as copying someone’s offer.

@vortex reveals 7 ways you can use to dig out an offer being run.

@matuloo adds an 8th way that not many know of.

And @gunnar straight up links the exact offer @alexdl91’s looking for.


>> Advanced Intelligence Tactics In Here <<

Taboola > AdSense Arbitrage?


“- I saw that we could buy very cheap traffic from Taboola (from 0.01€ in ES)

  • I have a good AdSense account (500€ to 1500€ a day). We send quality traffic to Google (0.82€ to 1.48€ in ES)


🤔 indeed.

But wait, there’s more:

“So I decided to do a simple test: I put an AdSense banner on one of our advertorial. And that covered 28% of the cost of buying the clicks. Not bad.”

Is it all a black & white walk in the park or are there underlying, let’s call them ‘hiccups’, ye should expect?

But wait, there’s even more:

“Will I be able to make some profits? Will I be able to scale it up to 50€ a day in profit? Will I get my AdSense traffic limit or a ban?

Follow this thread to know :)”

This man knows how to sell his own threads.


>> You should go sub right now too <<

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