[CASE STUDY] How to Turn Turd into Gold

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[CASE STUDY] How to Turn Turd into Gold
[CASE STUDY] How to Turn Turd into Gold

@cassshy strikes again with another case study!

Traffic Source: Facebook

Revenue: $51,100 in 13 Days

EPC: $10.94

No holds barred as per cassshy’s style - all was revealed!

Angles, creatives, audience targeting, even scaling strategy…

You can practically swipe his entire campaign and run it yourself. TODAY!

“WAIT...what’s the offer??” I hear you asking.

Sure I could tell you - but why spoil the fun, when you can go read the case study yourself?

Here’s a hint though: The offer involves sending poop in little packages.

Who knew turd could be so lucrative?

>> How You Too Can Bank From Poop <<

[SPONSORED] Prepaid Virtual Debit Cards For Affiliates

After successful launch of our bespoke zero tax solutions for digital marketers, I am pleased to announce the launch of our bespoke media card solution exclusively for digital marketers.

Backed by American Express, we are offering prepaid virtual debit cards to pay for your ad spend across all media platforms!

Highlights of key features:

  • Zero Monthly Fee

  • Unlimited number of cards

  • Multiple usage and reloads

  • Backed by American Express

  • No Hidden Fees

Standard Pricing: 2% of the charge amount + $20 per card issuance

Exclusive Pricing for STM Members: 2% of the charge amount + $0 per card issuance

Use Promo Code: STMDC21

To sign up or find out more, please visit or email Don’t forget to mention your STM member promo code to have your card issuance fee waived!

Sign Up For Your Cards Today!

1st Step to Building an Affiliate Business

An ambitious STM member is tired of being a lone wolf. And wants to build a team to start scaling to X,XXX/day or XX,XXX/day.

“Which positions to hire for?”

“How to train media buyer?”

“How to deal with employees stealing campaigns?”

“How to rent an office?”

All very relevant questions, no?

But instead of answering these questions directly, a couple of sharp-eyed veterans jumped in to basically say:

“Whoa there...slow down bruh!”

Apparently, a glaring blind-spot needed to be addressed first, before one should even CONSIDER assembling a team.

“Learn to walk first, before trying to run,” _said an affiliate veteran of 15+ years.

Dreaming big is a must, but being realistic is mandatory as well.

The wise advice could potentially save this member a lot of money, time, and grief - to help them reach their goal faster.

Giving and getting advice from affiliate bros and sis - is what the STM Familia is all about!

>> Absorb Wise Advice from the Sages <<

Choose CPA or CPC/CPM For Push Traffic?

CPA bidding can sound like an affiliate’s dream come true.

Let’s say your offer payout is $5. All you have to do is set the bid to $3, and make $2 per conversion. Easy-peasy right?

But of course, as member @anhka1990 suspects, it’s not that easy.

If CPA worked so well, there wouldn’t be a need for CPC/CPM.

So - which bidding model to use, and when?

STM’s Resident Push Expert @twinaxe drops in on the thread to completely demystify how the CPA model works, in great detail.

He reveals an ingenious approach on how he uses a mix of CPM/CPC and CPA to get the best of both bidding models.

The icing on the cake? This approach can result in stable and consistent green - that look like this:

Ain’t too shabby considering there’s hardly any maintenance work involved.

Want to add a few of these babies to your tracker?

>> Learn How CPA + CPM/CPC = $$$$ <<

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