Case Study: $28,385.71 In 2 Months On Autopilot

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Case Study: $28,385.71 In 2 Months On Autopilot
Case Study: $28,385.71 In 2 Months On Autopilot

Member bumbarda shares insight into a recent Facebook campaign, where a credit card submit voucher offer in Nordic geos was promoted. Ads, landers, and targeting details were generously shared. Not to be missed!

Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POP Working

Yes, this thread had already been included in a past newsletter, but member wakeboarder has reached $500/day in profits and lays out some of the knowledge that has led to his success. These new updates makes the thread worthy of being included in this newsletter a 2nd time!

How Much To Start With Native?

Member jeremiahandor was wondering whether 3.5-5k would be enough to learn native traffic. Advice from other members was mixed, but jeremiahandor decided to give it a shot anyway! Check out the interesting discussion, and then check out this member's new follow-along thread on his first native campaign!

Did Voluum Just Jack Up Their Pricing?

The recent increase in Voluum's pricing has sparked massive reaction on the STM forum. Read about opinions from both Voluum customers and Voluum reps. What is your take on this matter?

Wanted: Native Acquisition Expert in Tallinn or Barcelona

Want a taste of Adcash's vibrant community of advertising gurus, IT geniuses, nerds and unicorns? They are looking for a Native Acquisition Expert who will actively recruit and onboard new customers and ensure a smooth hand-over to account managers. This position can be located in our Tallinn headquarters or in our Barcelona office. Interested? Check out the link for more details!

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