Capitalize on Emotion Thanks to Corona Lockdown

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Capitalize on Emotion Thanks to Corona Lockdown

Capitalize on Emotion Thanks to Corona Lockdown

Lazy Neo (a.k.a. @twinaxe) strikes yet again!

It’s time to figure out how to _capitalize on emotion_ amidst all the recent Corona panic.

You’re thinking: “Oh you bastard, _how dare you!_”

Relax, keep reading.

In these trying times, you need to see the bigger picture, my friend.

To quote the Neo himself:

“But I am no friend of fear mongering or panicking at all and prefer to think about ways how to take advantage of the situation.

My moral principles are pretty low when I spot good chances so instead of fearing the Armageddon I prefer to make use of the possibilities I see there

In the end I am a marketer and deep emotions have no place in my campaigns.

Picture this:

You’re a marketing wolf with razor-sharp teeth (persuasion skills most agencies have never even heard of) and you’re staring face-to-face with a whole bunch of scared sheepies (irrational, emotional human beings).

Anywho, point in case because it’s a big thread:

Figure out what distracts people from their fear or what feeds their fear.

Here’s a quick sniff:

  • See the best possible verticals to distract people from their fear (quick hint, Pr0nhub’s traffic is up, among many others, such as streaming offers)

  • Feed their fear and what best to promote (perhaps it’s time for the military flashlights to make a comeback)

  • @stickupkid jumps in with an instant brilliant suggestion you’d bash your head for not thinking of immediately.

  • One niche with a pull so strong you’ll be questioning your own religion (wink wink)

Plus tons more, of course, the thread is huge.

P.S. A word of warning, don’t use your deadly affiliate skills to further spread panic and take advantage of the most vulnerable...or I’ll be waiting under your bed tonight.

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Mini Case Study: Testing PropellerAds CPA 2.0 Goal @ 40% ROI

Here’s a nice little case study by @affiliatecase to rattle up you lazy quarantined ass.


Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes

Payout: €12.00

GEO: Portugal

Affiliate Network: Clickdealer

Traffic Network: PropellerAds

Traffic Type: POP/PPV

Propellerads FAQ for CPA 2.0:

"CPA goal 2.0 is an auto-optimization technology performed according to the required price per conversion. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic slices are most likely to drive quality conversions at the desired price."

What you get your hands on immediately upon opening the thread:

  • The exact offers and landing pages used (screenshotted_

  • Traffic source & tracker settings, i.e. complete campaign setup you can copy-paste or apply to your campaigns

  • Results, excitement and surprises coupled with high (initial) ROIs.

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